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DHHS rules: Email signature edition

Famous lately for dress codes and messy desk admonitions, the state Department of Heath and Human Service has a new three-page policy on email signatures. The policy is packed with a lot of detail on font sizes and such.


"The purpose of this policy is to establish a uniform format for email signatures for all North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) employees who have been assigned an email account in order to create consistency in the information included as part of every employee's email signature." ...

Oops! New DHHS dress code hadn't been cleared with the boss yet

The state Department of Health and Human Services' first department-wide dress code -- which went out on Monday to the agency's 17,000 or so employees, and was published in Dome online Tuesday and in print Wednesday -- actually hadn't been cleared with the boss yet.

The policy is on hold while new DHHS Secretary Aldona Wos gets a chance to review it. The head of human resources, who sent out the Monday memo, had to send another memo Wednesday morning apologizing for not clearing it with Wos first.

The planned dress code spells out in detail just why it is that everyone looks the same in downtown Raleigh at lunchtime on weekdays.

And, frankly, is pretty similar to The N&O's dress code.

DHHS dress-code policy spells out what's OK and what's grounds for dismissal

Dome isn’t sure if this is part of the Republican takeover of state government or not. But on Monday state Department of Health and Human Services employees were given a formal department-wide dress-code policy for the first time.

The policy memo by human resources director Kathleen Gruer informs DHHS workers: “Personal appearance and hygiene play an important role in projecting a professional image in the community and to DHHS’ customers.”

It goes on to advise “Daily grooming and bathing are required. Clothing should be clean, pressed and in good condition (i.e., no holes, frays, tears, dangling threads, etc.).”

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