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Goodwin is heading to Manhattan Wednesday for a fund raiser

State Insurance Commissioner Wayne Goodwin will be in New York City Wednesday for a fund raiser for his re-election campaign.

The event at Tavern 29 is being hosted by Karl Wall, president and chief executive officer of Enstar, a company that specializes in the operation and management of insurance companies.

The cost of attending the event ranges from $500 to $4,000.

Hat tip: The Sunlight Foundation's Political Party Time webpage.

Morning Memo: Let the shutdown politics begin

THEN SHUT IT DOWN: The U.S. government started shutting down early Tuesday after a bitter fight over the new health care law deadlocked the Congress and stymied every attempt to keep money flowing after the federal fiscal year ended at midnight. It was the first such collapse of the government in nearly two decades and there was no immediate way to know how long it would last or how it would end. Read more here.

NOW BLAME GAME BEGINS: Hours after the partial shutdown, the blame game started, with Democrats and Republicans trying to say the other party was responsible. North Carolina congressmen are in the crosshairs.

***Read more shutdown politics and a look at what Gov. Pat McCrory did as the impasse and a federal lawsuit against the state loomed -- it's all below in the Dome Morning Memo.***

NC insurance investigators helping in Oklahoma

The N.C. Department of Insurance has sent five fraud insurance investigators to Oklahoma to help with the tornado damage, commissioner Wayne Goodwin says.

Goodwin says the investigators are helping the victims of the giant tornado that swept through the Oklahoma City area last month killing 20 people avoid becoming victims of fraud.

Morning Memo: Smacking down foreign laws and arguing over auto insurance

Rep. George Cleveland, a Republican from Jacksonville, is trying again to ensure that North Carolina judges don't consider "foreign law" when making rules in the state's courts.

Federal and state constitutions already guarantee the supremacy of U.S. law in domestic cases but when he introduced the bill in 2011, Cleveland told The News & Observer that he was concerned about Shariah law gaining a foothold in communities with large Muslim populations.

The current bill does not mention Shariah law which governs the conduct of an observant Muslim's life and is the basis for the legal code in some countries in the Middle East and Asia.

In the past, critics of such bills have argued that they could make it difficult for multinational corporations who do business in the state.

The bill is in the House Judiciary Committee.

***Good Tuesday morning and welcome to Dome Morning Memo. Keep reading for a look at what's ahead and what people are saying.

Goodwin calls fundraising solicitation 'poor wording'

Insurance Commissioner Wayne Goodwin said Tuesday he plans to change a fundraising solicitation for his "Commissioners Club" that raised eyebrows for how it promised donors access to private dinners and a special newsletter.

The Democrat said any concerns about the email sent earlier this week to potential donors was "more a function of poor wording" than special favors for donors. "In looking at it, I can see how it would be interpreted," he said. "I have a lengthy history of supporting transparency and campaign finances that provide footing for all voters," he said.

Morning Memo: Goodwin promises access for campaign cash

GOODWIN ADVERTISES ACCESS FOR CAMPAIGN CASH: Democratic Insurance Commissioner Wayne Goodwin is soliciting campaign donors to join his "Commissioner's Club," promising private dinners to high-level contributors and emailed "personal updates" on his agency's work. "Be ahead of your friends and colleagues with exclusive updates -- join the Commissioner's Club TODAY," a campaign email states. (Click below for more.)

TODAY IN POLITICS:The Council of State meets this morning at 9 a.m. to handle a number of property matters. Gov. Pat McCrory's office said he won't take questions, as is customary, after the meeting. House and Senate committees are full of action now that the deadline for the majority of bills has passed and the machinations begin. (See more below). The Legislative Black Caucus will hold a press conference at 11 a.m. to criticize "tea party Republicans" who want to change election laws. McCrory will meet privately with Canadian Ambassador Gary Doer later this morning.

***Welcome to the Dome Morning Memo. Read more on Goodwin's latest fundraising effort, get all the N.C. political headlines and more below. Send tips and news to***

Insurance commissioner steps out to support state-run exchange

UPDATED: Democratic Insurance Commissioner Wayne Goodwin broke his silence on the legislative debate surrounding the health insurance exchanges, arguing that a state-based exchange is better for the state's consumers.

"I believe that North Carolinians know what’s best for North Carolina," he said in a prepared statement released Tuesday. "State-based regulation best protects our consumers and promotes a healthy insurance marketplace."

Goodwin sat on the sidelines (at least publicly) for the past week as the Republicans pushed a bill to let the federal government run the online marketplace for insurance policies and require Goodwin to send back any federal money he received to help get a state-sponsored exchange.

Goodwin cites his Hurricane Irene response in new re-election ad

Democratic Insurance Commissioner Wayne Goodwin is touting his response to Hurricane Irene in a new TV ad for his campaign. "If we have another hurricane come our way, I'll be here fighting for you," he says in the 30-second spot. See it below.

Morning Roundup: Twitter defines debates, Obamacare defines insurance race

For millions, the liveliest chatter about Tuesday night’s presidential debate will arrive 140 characters at a time – free of pundits in pancake makeup. With smartphones, tablets and laptops, debate-watchers will log onto and form a nationwide peanut gallery, adding instant context, fact-checking and gags to passive TV-watching.

Read more about social media's role in the debates and a preview here.

More political headlines:

--As Mike Causey pitched his take on homeowner’s insurance rates at a recent campaign appearance, he received little more than nods and smiles from the crowd. Then he invoked a line that’s been popular for Republicans: “People ask me my position on Obamacare; I’m opposed to Obamacare,” he said. Thunderous applause. The next insurance commissioner will play an important role. Read a profile of the race here.

Wayne Goodwin releases TV ad touting fraud crackdown

Insurance Commissioner Wayne Goodwin, a Democrat seeking another term, is touting the support of Buncombe County Sheriff Van Duncan in a new TV ad.

In the 30-second spot, Duncan praises Goodwin's efforts to work with local law enforcement to crack down on insurance fraud. Goodwin's Republican challenger is Mike Causey.

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