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Morning Memo: Daily Show says North Carolina trumps South Carolina in crazy

VOTING BILL TARGET OF LAUGHS: Another day, another national television show puts North Carolina at the butt of the jokes. The Daily Show on Comedy Central took aim at the recently approved elections bill that puts restrictions on voting. Host John Oliver joked that the state election bill would place “all voting booths on buoys that are only accessible by yacht." The segment lumped North Carolina together with Texas and Florida but the Tar Heel state (starting at 2:30) received particular attention and Senate leader Phil Berger make an appearance from a TV clip. Oliver says the voting bill is just the “tip of the true $h*!-berg of a legislative session" and concludes: “Your move South Carolina. Oh, you thought you had crazy Carolina all sown up, didn’t you?”

***The state's system to deliver food assistance is troubled and ALEC is targeted ahead of this week's meeting. Read more North Carolina political news below in the Dome Morning Memo.***

Jon Stewart: North Carolina has become is the Democrat's South Carolina

In a segment called "Tarred Heels," The Daily Show's Jon Stewart ridiculed North Carolina Democrats on Thursday for their various sex scandals.

He starts with John Edwards and moves to the sexual harassment controversy at the state Democratic Party. ("On the bright side, no love child.") His mashup of David Parker's notorious rambling press conference is clever as he notes Jay Parmley's "Seinfeld defense." (He's a close talker.) The kicker: "Congratulations North Carolina, you have become the Democrat's South Carolina." Ouch.

The Daily Show gets a Charlotte home for Democratic convention

Comedy Central’s The Daily Show and host Jon Stewart will make their home at ImaginOn: The Joe & Joan Martin Center in Charlotte’s uptown during the Democratic National Convention in September.

The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Library board agreed Monday to rent part of the facility to the national cable TV show for $94,488. In return, The Daily Show will have use of ImaginOn around the clock from Aug. 28 to Sept 8.

The show’s actual air dates from Charlotte will be Sept. 4-7. Get more details from The Charlotte Observer.

Morning Roundup: The Jesse Helms primary

In his column this week, Rob Christensen has a new title for the 13th Congressional District Republican contest: the Jesse Helms primary.

The two major candidates Paul Coble and George Holding, are running as sort of the 21st-century heirs to the former U.S. senator and conservative icon. Coble could literally be Helms’ heir, since he is Helms’ nephew. If Coble has Helms’ genes, Holding owes his career to Helms. He worked as an aide to Helms, who got Holding his job as U.S. attorney. Read more here.

Jon Stewart hurls zinger at the Queen City

Charlotte was the subject of a bit of comedic ribbing from Jon Stewart on Tuesday's edition of The Daily Show after President Obama used the Queen City to describe the size of the Libyan rebel stronghold of Benghazi.

"If we had waited one more day, Benghazi — a city nearly the size of Charlotte — could have suffered a massacre that would have reverberated across the region and stained the conscience of the world," Obama said in his Monday speech defending U.S. military action. "It was not in our national interest to let that happen."

Stewart retorted:

"Although, I have to ask: Is there a massacre of a city the size of Charlotte that is in our national interest? .... And is it Charlotte?"

Expect the number of jokes appearing on national television at Charlotte's expense to increase as the state's largest city gears up to host the 2012 Democratic National Convention.

Jon Stewart on AndyGate

"The Daily Show" loves to make fun of South Carolina, but last night Jon Stewart turned his eye North to the "marginally saner Carolina."

Stewart tackled AndyGate, reports Dome's colleague Brooke Cain. You know what we're talking about -- how the world has turned against poor old Andy Griffith because he made a commercial supporting health care reform. In the segment titled "Mayberry, WTF," a stunned Stewart asks, "How do you turn against Opie's pa? Matlock! He's a Presidential Medal of Freedom winner. What happened, North Carolina, did Griffith wipe his [behind] on one of Dean Smith's old jackets?" 

Stewart also shows a clip of Fox News host Bill O'Reilly chastising correspondent Megyn Kelly for not knowing that "Thelma" was "Andy's squeeze" (O'Reilly then makes some bad gay jokes about Andy and Barney). So then Jon Stewart calls out O'Reilly because AS WE ALL KNOW, Thelma Lou was Barney's girlfriend and Helen Crump was Andy's. So there, Fox News.

See the clip here.

More heat on Foxx over Clemens

Virginia FoxxU.S. Rep. Virginia Foxx took some more heat yesterday for her remarks on Roger Clemens.

The Banner Elk Republican was ribbed by "The Daily Show" host Jon Stewart in a segment on the hearings on performance-enhancing drugs in baseball.

Stewart showed a brief series of clips of Republican members of the House oversight committee defending Clemens, ending with Foxx asking Clemens about "how hard you work at keeping yourself in shape." (Watch here at 6:31.)

"Yes, what's your secret?" Stewart mugged afterward. "Perhaps some formula you'd like to tell us about?" 

She was also criticized on grammatical grounds by UNC-Chapel Hill journalism professor Andy Bechtel, who noted that she meant to ask about his "regimen," not his "regime." 

"A word mixup by a member of Congress at a hearing, for example, is less forgivable than one in a phone conversation," he wrote on his blog. "Politicians are supposed to be eloquent and prepared."

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