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Except when it comes to school board elections ...

Say What?
"They know what's best for them. We don't in Raleigh."
Sen. Jim Davis, a Macon County Republican, during floor debate on a bill that would let some municipalities post legal notices on their own government websites instead of newspapers. The bill's sponsors have said the municipalities requested the bill.

Davis and Tucker to head local government committees

Senators Jim Davis of Macon and Tommy Tucker of Union will co-chair the Senate State and Local Government Committee and the Appropriations Subcommittee on General Government and Information Technology.

"As former county commissioners, Sen. Davis and Sen. Tucker are able to recognize the unique issues faced by local governments during these trying economic times," said Senate leader Phil Berger, in announcing the appointments.

John Snow wants a rematch for his N.C. Senate seat

Former N.C. Sen. John Snow of Murphy wants his seat back. Snow, a Democrat and former veteran judge, served six years in the Senate until he lost a close fight with Republican Jim Davis for the District 50 post in western North Carolina.

Snow's 2010 election battle hit the pages of The New Yorker  magazine last year in a piece that looked at the influence of Republican financier Art Pope. But as Rob Christensen reported, the article, made it look like Snow was the victim of a Pope-funded assault, when in fact it was one of the most fiercely contested districts in the state in which both sides poured money.

In his announcement, Snow doesn't mention his loss. Instead, he hits the high notes about jobs as a priority and the need to fund education.

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