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David Lewis making calls in run for House GOP leader

State Rep. David Lewis, a committee chairman, is running for House GOP leader. He is making calls to Republican lawmakers saying he wants to serve alongside Ruth Samuelson

Republican are considering splitting the majority leader post. Lewis wants the operations end of the job that would run the daily calendar and manage the caucus agenda. Samuelson is campaigning for the bigger picture strategic job.

No voter ID measure expected this session

House Speaker Thom Tillis' effort to find a bipartisan compromise on a voter ID measure has failed.

Republicans didn't want to take a softer approach that would allow voters to other forms of identification, such as a utility bill, to replace a hard-line measure requiring a government-issued photo ID. Perdue vetoed the GOP-backed voter ID bill and Democrats held their ground to prevent an override, unlike other bills when a handful leaked to the Republican side.

"The speaker asked me to try to strike a balance to ensure the integrity of the election system ... but I could never strike that balance," said Rep. David Lewis, the House elections committee chairman, in an interview Tuesday. "It was going to have to be a substantially watered down version and the more I moved in that direction the more I risked losing the members of my caucus."

With eyebrow raising speeches, GOP names new national committee members

The state Republican Party selected on Saturday its new national committee representatives, state Rep. David Lewis and Ada Fischer.

In his acceptance speech, Lewis stirred the crowd calling the president "a radical socialist. "We're going to send Barack Obama back to Chicago ... or Indonesia or Kenya or wherever he's saying he's from."

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