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George Holding appears to nap while presiding over shutdown debate

Raleigh Congressman George Holding found a few moments to get a nap Thursday -- while he was presiding over the U.S. House.

A C-SPAN camera caught Holding, a Republican, napping in the big chair on the dais as Republican Congressman Louie Gohmert of Texas railed against the federal health care law.

An image of Holding's nap is now making the rounds on the Internet and cable TV.

In new Democratic polling, some state lawmakers looking vulnerable

The upheaval from the legislative session continues to reverberate as lawmakers look at what it did for their prospects in 2014. Voters are wavering, Republicans are openly discussing a course-correction next year and the N.C. Democratic Party is trying to capitalize. And now, it's showing in legislative district polls.

Public Policy Polling, a Democratic firm based in Raleigh, recently looked at eight state Senate districts held by Republicans, finding two leaning Democrat and six more in the toss-up category. PPP pollster Tom Jensen writes that "the political landscape has shifted in such a way that Democrats have a lot more opportunities to eat into the Republican majority next year than could have ever been imagined even six months ago."


Moral Monday protest centers on unemployment cuts

Thousands of people tramped across a muddy Halifax Mall Monday to take part in the ninth Moral Monday protest.

“Seventy-thousand,” the Rev. William Barber shouted. Attendees echoed his words. He shouted the number again and again, focusing in on the significance of Monday, July 1: The date the cuts to the state’s unemployment benefits went into effect.

“Can you hear the cries of the children whose parents cannot afford to pay their mortgages?” asked one speaker at the event, Javan Richardson of Rocky Mount, a rising ninth grader at Nash Community Early College. He came to Raleigh for his first protest Monday.

Morning Memo: Commerce pushes overhaul, dueling tax campaigns emerge

SECRETARY TO PITCH COMMERCE PRIVATIZATION PLAN: Commerce Secretary Sharon Decker will appear before a House panel Wednesday to pitch Gov. Pat McCrory's plan to privatize elements of the state's economic recruitment effort. Decker sent a memo to lawmakers with the talking points about the N.C. Economic Development Corporation a day earlier. She highlighted the efficiencies that McCrory's administration believes will be realized by consolidating various existing entities, including the N.C. Rural Economic Development Center, some of the N.C. Biotechnology Center and the tourism and film offices, among others, in a private nonprofit entity led by political appointees. She will describe a phase-in approach in her testimony. McCrory's team drafted the outline for the private-public partnership -- funded mostly by taxpayer dollars -- before he ever took office. Tony Almeida, the governor's top economic adviser who will lead the effort, wrote a white paper, finalized in December, as a member of McCrory's transition team that laid out the vision. (More below.)

DUELING TAX CAMPAIGNS: Americans for Prosperity began airing a TV ad on cable and broadcast that touts Republican leaders commitment to a tax overhaul. Meanwhile, the Young Democrats will debut an effort Wednesday to criticize the Senate plan with a web ad highlighting the hike in grocery taxes and and a new website, which is designed to counter Senate Republicans Check Dome later today to see both.

***More North Carolina political news below in the Dome Morning Memo -- including a rundown on the day's top stories.

NC Senate seeks to wipe out Dix lease

A state Senate bill seeks to change the lease between the state and the City of Raleigh for Dorothea Dix property.SB 334 directs the state and the city to enter into a new lease that is at fair market value and upholds the property’s commitment to serving the mentally ill.

The current contract calls for the city to pay $500,000 a year with a 1.5 percent annual increase to lease a portion of the property for fair market value. Raleigh intends to build a park on the property.

The bill would put an end to plans to move state Department of Health and Human Services employees. Any revenues from the property lease would go into a special fund for mental health.

Pat McCrory plays stand up comic, mocks his new city

Pat McCrory, don't quit your new day job. The governor-elect started his speech at the Economic Forecast Forum on Wednesday playing the part of stand up comedian but bumbled the jokes. (Listen to the audio below.)

He walked to the podium with a list hitting at the Capital City -- fitting with Charlotte residents thinking that their city is really the center of the state's universe, if not the entire Eastern Seaboard.

The setup: Since being elected, McCrory said he's "learning the Raleigh ways." ("Because I'm an outsider," he explained, trying to perpetuate his campaign mantra.)

His first Raleigh joke: "The definition of an elevator in a state government building really means take the stairs," he said to mixed laughter.

Congressman Brad Miller on his disappointments with Obama, D.C. gridlock

Raleigh Congressman Brad Miller, a Democrat, on his way out the door as a casaulty of the GOP redistricting, offered his thoughts about how bad the gridlock has become in a recent Slate piece.

Miller wrote: "When did I know that this current Congress would be rough? Election Night 2010. I thought in late November and December, in the lame duck after the 2010 election, I thought the Obama administration was wildly unrealistic about how it could get along with the new Congress. They’d been inside the Beltway bubble and had no idea how extreme the Tea Party folks were, and that part of the Tea Party ethic was: Never compromise. They felt betrayed by people like Bob Bennett, Dick Lugar, Lisa Murkowski, and even Orrin Hatch—though he’s changed that tendency—who compromise."

Read more about his disappointments with the Obama administration and his self-proclaimed Blue Dog status (despite his progressive reputation) here.

McFarlane will chair urban mayors group

Raleigh Mayor Nancy McFarlane will chair the N.C. Metropolitan Mayors Coalition, a bipartisan group representing the mayors of the state’s 28 largest cities, The N&O's Matt Garfield reports.

The panel was founded by Gov.-elect Pat McCrory during his tenure as mayor of Charlotte.

The post gives McFarlane a visible statewide role on issues facing North Carolina's urban centers, particularly economic development, taxes, transportation and public safety.

Morning Roundup: McCrory keeps ties to private firms amid transition

A month after his election, Gov.-elect Pat McCrory remains employed at a law firm that lobbies state government even as he establishes his administration and controls a $660,000 pot of taxpayer money.

His dual role creates a potential conflict that makes government watchdogs uncomfortable. Another ethical move McCrory should consider, they suggest, is putting his assets in a blind trust. Read full story here.

More political headlines:

--Legislators seeking to eliminate $2.4 billion the state of North Carolina owes the federal government to help pay jobless benefits are prepared to unveil a proposal they also say would put the state unemployment insurance program on firmer financial footing.

Raleigh's former mayor criticizes Sen. Hunt for 'false' mailers

A state Republican Party attack on Raleigh's parks and greenway system drew former Mayor Charles Meeker back into the political fray on Tuesday. 

Meeker called a news conference at his downtown Raleigh law office to refute a pair of GOP mailers that criticize Democrat Sig Hutchinson, who is running against Sen. Neal Hunt in suburban Raleigh's District 15.

The ads are false or misleading on several fronts, Meeker said.

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