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Civitas, State Board of Elections trade shots over voting rules

A conservative group has accused state elections director Gary Bartlett of lying in a comment he made to The News & Observer; Bartlett fired back, standing by the accuracy of his comment and characterizing the criticism is part of an ongoing effort to wrongly portray oversight of voter registration and early voting as broken.

Election officials scramble to keep early voting afloat during Hurricane Sandy

The wide-ranging impacts of Hurricane Sandy on North Carolina – tidal surges, heavy wind, and rain along the coast and inland; heavy snowfall expected in the mountains – have elections officials around the state scrambling to make sure early voting continues as planned or gets rescheduled when the weather lets up.

Dare County has canceled early voting at each of its three locations on Monday, and a county official said they hope to re-open Tuesday.

Democrats lead early voting; Republicans think they're winning the race

Depending how you look at the numbers, Democrats are again enjoying a huge advantage in early voting in North Carolina that could spell another victory – or Republicans are closing the narrow gap that cost them in 2008, and may have reason to believe momentum is on their side.

Top-level numbers from mail absentee and in-person early voting tell a story that favors Democrats, but Republicans aregue it's not that simple.

A week into early voting, North Carolina tops a million ballots cast

Early voting returns released Thursday by the state Board of Elections show the state has tipped over 1 million ballots cast so far this election cycle.

A quick breakdown of the numbers: In-person early voting: 912,622; Mail absentee by civilians: 99,183; Mail absentee by military: 3,392; Mail absentee from overseas: 3,576. TOTAL: 1,018,773

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