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Perdue appointed sea-level science critic to Coastal Resources Commission

Former Gov. Bev Perdue appointed to the Coastal Resources Commission one of the leaders of the group behind legislation to slow sea-level rise forecasting in the state.

Larry Baldwin of Carteret County is a leader of NC-20, a coastal economic group critical of climate change science. NC-20 pushed to have the state calculate sea-level rise based only on historical events rather than predictions of accelerated increases.

Counties make recommendations on CRC appointments, but the final decision is the governor's.

State Senate endorses jetties

The state Senate gave another boost to jetties to control beach erosion.

Senators today sent to the House a provision allowing the Coastal Resources Commission to approve permits for jetties - or terminal groins as their supporters call them. The jetties amendment, which was attached a bill on marinas, passed 37-11. The bill was sent to the House.

The House has not been as eager as the Senate to embrace jetties.

Scientists have found that building a groin on one beach causes erosion of other beaches, said Sen. Ellie Kinnaird, a Carrboro Democrat.

North Carolina is one of two states that does not allow construction of new jetties, seawalls and groins on the coast.

A study of terminal groins resulted in Coastal Resources Commission recommendations this year on conditions that should be attached if the legislature decides to allow them.

Sen. Clark Jenkins, the Tarboro Democrat who sponsored the amendment, said that whoever asks to build a groin would have to provide some financial assurance to cover its removal if the commission decides that it's harming the environment.

Sleepiness on the job not a disability

DOZING AT THE DESK: An N.C. Department of Transportation artist fired in 2008 for repeatedly sleeping at work cannot get her job back, an administrative judge ruled Wednesday. (N&O)

LOOKING INTO IT: There have been rallies, petitions, letters, news releases and political maneuvers meant to get Attorney General Roy Cooper to say "yes."

So far, he has said nothing, other than to have a spokeswoman say he is looking into whether to join a multi-state lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of the health care law. (N&O)

PRESSURE ON BAN: A recent report could lead the state to lift a long-standing ban on sand-retention walls intended to control beach erosion.

The N.C. Coastal Resources Commission, which the legislature ordered to fund a study of the structures called terminal groins, recently threw the issue back into lawmakers' laps. The commission's recommendation did not advocate lifting or keeping the ban, but it suggested a slew of conditions the legislature should attach if it decides to allow coastal walls. (N&O)

Plan for high seas

Sea levels on the North Carolina coast will rise 15 to 55 inches over the next 90 years, according to a state science panel.

In a report delivered to a legislative commission today, the state Coastal Resources Commission's science panel on coastal hazards recommended that planners and policy makers anticipate sea level rise of 39 inches by 2100.

"All of the historical tide gauge records over the last century and geological evidence over the last several centuries offer undisputable evidence that sea level has been steadily rising in North Carolina," the report said.

The science panel recommends installing new water-level gauges, and reviewing the predictions at least every five years.

Besse's 'track' record

Dan BesseDan Besse is running for lieutenant governor — figuratively and literally.

In an online campaign ad, the Winston-Salem city councilman is shown running through his neighborhood to the sounds of rhythmic clapping.

Text flashes over him, boasting of his track record in his two terms in office, his 12 years on the N.C. Environmental Management Commission, his ieight years on the N.C. Coastal Resources Commission and other positions.

At the same time, it also boasts of his track record, um, on the track: 21 marathons, 52 ultramarathons, a 4:55 minute mile and a 38-minute 10K.

Hat Tip: Trail Mix 

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