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Romney will pick up NC Electoral College votes in Dec. 17 ceremony

Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan will officially receive North Carolina's Electoral College votes when electors prepare Certificates of Votes in a Dec. 17 ceremony at the Capitol Building in downtown Raleigh.

Secretary of State Elaine Marshall, who oversees the process, announced the plans on Wednesday.

Electors will convene in the Old Hall of the House of Representatives at noon.

Voters on Election Day determined by a popular vote determined that electors nominated by the state Republican Party will cast the official 15 ballots for the state.

GOP representatives will cast their ballots and prepare Certificates of Vote for president and vice president of the United States.

Tagg Romney back in NC, will door knock in Raleigh

Mitt Romney's oldest son, Tagg, will be back in North Carolina on Wednesday, Oct. 17, when he goes door knocking with volunteers from the Raleigh Victory Office.

Obama, Romney campaigns hosting debate watching parties around NC

Updated: Both campaigns will host watching parties around North Carolina on Tuesday night, as Barack Obama and Mitt Romney face off for the second time.

Billy Graham voices support for Mitt Romney from his NC home

A report from The Associated Press

MONTREAT, N.C.—Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney met Thursday with Rev. Billy Graham, and the aging evangelist pledged to do "all I can" to help the GOP nominee win the presidency.

Romney went to see Graham and his son, the Rev. Franklin Graham, at the elderly evangelist's mountaintop home in the mountains of western North Carolina.

"Prayer is the most helpful thing you can do for me," Romney told the 93-year-old Graham.

The meeting came just days after Romney told a newspaper he would not pursue abortion-related legislation as president. Romney later insisted that he would be a "pro-life president."

The Republican candidate said Thursday that Franklin Graham, also an evangelical leader, had been helping his presidential bid.

Biden's 'buried' comment surfaces in Romney ad targeted at middle class voters

Updated: In a new ad taking aim at middle class voters, Mitt Romney is touting his debate Denver debate performance and bringing up Joe Biden's comment that the middle class has been "buried" over the past four years.

Romney touts lines from Denver debate in new ad on economy

Updated: Mitt Romney has released a new TV ad called "Putting Jobs First" with exactly the message its title implies: Romney's top priority will be jobs, and he'll keep taxes low on everyone.

All the claims are linked to Romney's debate performance last week in Denver.

Tagg Romney to campaign in North Carolina

Mitt Romney's oldest son, Tagg, 42, is heading to Western North Carolina and the Triad for a few get-out-the-vote events.

Romney's five sons have been regular surrogates to North Carolina this election cycle.

Tagg's brother Matt, who is a year younger, filled in for his father at a few campaign stops that came after his father announced Paul Ryan as his running mate, which shook up planned stops in the Triangle.

Craig has been in Charlotte, and Josh rubbed shoulders with N.C. delegates to the Republican National Convention in Tampa.

The campaign has announced Wednesday and Thursday public events with Tagg.

Dalton tries to tie McCrory to Romney's '47 percent' remarks

While some North Carolina GOP candidates are seeking distance from controversial comments made by Mitt Romney at a private fundraiser, others are taking a somewhat different approach.

Pat McCrory, the Republican gubernatorial candidate, downplayed Romney's claim that 47 percent of Americans pay no federal income taxes and "believe they are victims" entitled to government help.

According to the Fayetteville Observer, McCrory said Romney was merely doing a "political assessment of where his potential votes will come from."

"And you know, sometimes we allow candidates to speak and express themselves, from a political assessment, and not get criticized for it," he said.

Romney TV ad in N.C. tries to rally support of defense industry

Among the 15 new TV ads released by Mitt Romney's campaign hours after the Democratic National Convention ended in Charlotte tries to win the support of defense industry in North Carolina.

The ad claims the president's defense cuts "threaten thousands of jobs" and says that Romney "will reverse President Obama's defense cuts and create over 350,000 jobs for North Carolina.

Chambliss headed to Goldsboro to campaign for Romney

U.S. Sen. Saxby Chambliss, R-Georgia, is headed to North Carolina on Saturday to make a few campaign stops for Mitt Romney.

Chambliss is chairman of the Senate Agriculture Committee. He will visit the Wayne County GOP Headquarters in Goldsboro for a meet and greet at 10:45 a.m.

He will then participate in an agriculture roundtable at Tull Hill Farm in Kinston at 12:20 p.m. and a 2:30 p.m. event at the Craven County Republican Party in New Bern.

Chambliss serves on the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence with Sen. Richard Burr, with whom he previously traveled to Normandy.

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