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Linda Coleman concedes; Dan Forest next lieutenant governor

Democrat Linda Coleman has conceded the race for lieutenant governor to Republican Dan Forest.

With provisional votes in Coleman trailed Republican Dan Forest by 6,858 votes, according to the State Board of Elections. That put her within the range needed to request a recount but Coleman decided the numbers didn’t work in her favor.

Morning Roundup: McCrory guarded about his stance on healthcare exchanges

Gov.-elect Pat McCrory remains guarded about what he intends to do after Gov. Bev Perdue's decision to set up a state-federal health exchange. In a statement Thursday, he said Perdue's decision gives him flexibility. Other Republican leaders blasted Perdue's decision. 

McCrory said he would talk to other Republican governors Friday. His campaign buddy S.C. Gov. Nikki Haley rejected a state exchange Thursday. More details here.

More political headlines:

--Erskine Bowles is reportedly saying -- again -- he would turn down any offer to become the next U.S. Treasury secretary, according to at least two media reports Thursday.

Coleman mounts legal challenges aimed at swaying Lt. Gov. race

Updated: It remains unclear whether the race for lieutenant governor will be close enough to deserve a recount, but legal challenges related to the race are already taking form.

Linda Coleman, the Democratic candidate, who is locked in a tight race with Republican Dan Forest, announced on Thursday her campaign will file two lawsuits in Wake County.

“The state treats the same voter differently even though their situations are exactly the same,” Coleman said. “You can’t treat these people differently. That’s unconstitutional, and we believe their votes deserve to be counted.”

Hal Weatherman, Forest’s campaign manager, said Coleman is suing to change the rules “after the election is over to manipulate the outcome to her advantage.”

Campaigns for lieutenant governor remain in high gear

Linda Coleman's campaign to become lieutenant governor has turned from an effort to convince voters to choose her to trying to convince local boards of elections they should count more provisional ballots.

Her campaign produced a list of 500 voters Wednesday who cast provisional ballots that are in the "not counted" pile, but which the campaign says are registered voters who voted in their home counties.

The campaign has a team plowing through the list of more than 51,000 people who cast provisional ballots, looking for those whose votes they think are about to be improperly thrown out.

Coleman, a Democrat, is trailing Republican Dan Forest in the race, but she continues a full-on press to count votes that weren't part of the Election Day tally. She has closed the gap by more than 1,000 votes since election night, with some counties rolling in counts of mail-in and provisional ballots. According to the last unofficial count, she trails by 10,309 votes.

Coleman campaign seeks DMV voter registration records

The campaign for Linda Coleman, the Democratic candidate for lieutenant governor, is seeking voter registration records from the state Division of Motor Vehicles covering the last two years.

The Coleman campaign is working to have thousands of provisional votes counted by local boards of election this week, and is looking for cases where voters are about to have their ballots wrongfully thrown out.  Campaign officials think that the DMV voter registration database will show that people who should be counted as  registered cast ballots that for some reason are in question.

Coleman trails her Republican opponent Dan Forest by 11,103. Counting more provisional votes could put her ahead, or at least pull her into recount range.

Emotions run high as possibility of recount in Lt. Gov. race looms

Emotions are running high a week after Election Day, as there is still no clear winner in the race to decide the next lieutenant governor of North Carolina.

Republican Dan Forest, who holds a narrow advantage of 11,103 votes out of the 4.3 million-plus already counted, sent emails asking supporters for cash and suggesting an early lead established in unofficial results could be "stolen from us by the unions."

The claim hinges on the counting of provisional ballots – ones cast by voters whose eligibility is in question, often because they lacked ID when registering to vote and on Election Day – but has been batted away as illegitimate by Forest's Democratic opponent, Linda Coleman.

Lt. Gov. race on hold until Nov. 16

The race for lieutenant governor is frozen until Nov. 16, when local boards of election roll in provisional votes to those already counted and come up with final tallies.

Democratic candidate Linda Coleman trails Republican Dan Forest in the unofficial tally by about 11,000 votes. She'll wait until the counties add up all the votes before she decides whether to ask for a recount, said her campaign spokesman Micah Beasley. "We anticipate at the very least the margin will be cut significantly," he said.

The State Board of Elections asked the counties to forward all the vote totals to Raleigh by Monday, Nov. 19.

Morning Roundup: 5 reasons why Obama lost N.C.; McCrory's new challenge

President Barack Obama almost ran the table Tuesday night when it came to battleground states. The lone exception: North Carolina.

Of a dozen competitive states, it was the only one that went from Democratic blue in 2008 to Republican red this year. Why didn’t Obama carry the Tar Heel State? Read five reasons here and see a map of results here.

More political headlines:

--Pat McCrory on Thursday will set foot in the Capitol for the first time as governor-elect. A block north, he will see a major challenge facing his administration: the N.C. General Assembly. 

--The 7th Congressional campaign and the lieutenant governor's race are headed to overtime. A recount looms.

Coleman refuses to concede race, suggests recount in email asking for money

Democrat Linda Coleman refuses to concede the lieutenant governor's race and sent a cryptic email to supporters just after midnight Wednesday that suggested she is priming for a recount. The subject line: "Urgent, Too Close to Call." 

Republican Dan Forest has claimed victory and the race could fall outside the range for a recount.

SEANC rolls out new web, radio ad blitz slamming Forest

SEANC on Thursday rolled out a new web and radio ad blitz against Republican nominee for lieutenant  governor Dan Forest, and promoting Linda Coleman.

The radio ad is playing in the Triangle, the Triad and Charlotte area, while the video is linked from several newspaper websites and posted on YouTube. The newspaper website banner ads also link to -- no further explanation necessary about what's on that site.

The State Employees Association of N.C. has endorsed Coleman, the Democrat.

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