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Cartoon: Pat McCrory as a long-nosed Pinocchio

Gov. Pat McCrory is depicted as a long-nosed Pinocchio for his statements on abortion and taxes in the latest editorial cartoon from the Charlotte Observer's Kevin Siers.

Cartoon: Where McCrory stands

Charlotte Observer editorial cartoonist thinks he knows where Gov. Pat McCrory stands in the political sphere.

Cartoon: The N.C. GOP as a dictator

Charlotte Observer editorial cartoonist Kevin Siers' latest work depicts the GOP leaders at the legislature as a dictator, a reflection of their move to sweep Democratic appointees from boards and commissions.

Cartoon: McCrory as 'The Thinker'

Charlotte Observer cartoonist Kevin Siers casts Republican Gov. Pat McCrory as a headless 'Thinker' after his comments about higher education in North Carolina.

Cartoon: Walter Dalton's idea of 'tax reform'

Charlotte Observer's editorial cartoonist Kevin Siers watched the final gubernatorial debate it appears.

He pokes at Democrat Walter Dalton for his shifting his positions on a sales tax hike for education.

But for Dalton's sake, at least Siers found him interesting enough to draw a face this time.

Cartoon: How Walter Dalton morphs into Gov. Bev Perdue

The Charlotte Observer's editorial cartoonist Kevin Siers drew quite a bit of laughter with his rendering of the Democratic candidates for governor earlier this year. In his new cartoon, he sheds light on how draws Lt. Gov Walter Dalton, the party's nominee.

Editorial cartoonist's take on Speaker Tillis' midnight session

In his editorial cartoon about the midnight legislative session, the Charlotte Observer's Kevin Siers draws the picture but lets House Speaker Thom Tillis' comment from a 1:30 a.m. press conference speak for itself.

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