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Luddy with Jeb Bush this week talking education

Raleigh businessman Robert Luddy was in Florida Thursday talking about efforts to improve education.

He took part in a panel discussion on education reform along with former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and with Michael Holthouse, founder of Prepared 4Life in Texas.

Luddy is founder of Franklin Academy Charter Schools.

The conference at Palm Beach Beach Gardens was put on the the Job Creators Alliance, a conservative group founded by Home Depot founder Bernie Marcus and others that deal with economic, manufacturing and education issues.

Raleigh-area businessman gets pressure,support after criticism of Obamacare

Mike Ruffer, a Raleigh-area local restauranteur, is getting support from business leaders, after he came under fire for his concerns about how the Health Care Act would effect his businesses.

Ruffer, who owns eight Five Guys and Burgers and Fries franchises in North Carolina, said on Monday that the new health care law was hurting his business and forcing him to cancel expansion plans and raise burger prices. He made his remarks during a Heritage Foundation panel discussion.

After his comments were published on the Internet, calls from supporters were made to Five Guys headquarters, and the company began distancing themselves from Ruffer's comments, according to the the group Job Creators Alliance, which announced their support for Ruffer.

Small business owners say Washington hostile to job creation

A business group with strong North Carolina ties Monday released a poll that found that small business owners feel that Washington is creating a more hostile environment to growth.

The group, Job Creators Alliance, released a survey that found that 70 percent small business owners believed Washington was becoming more hostile to free enterprise, while only 19 percent thought it was becoming less hostile. The group includes a number of prominent North Carolina businessmen including Robert Luddy of Raleigh, retired banker John Allison, and Fred Eshelman of Wilmington.

Business group begins running ads calling for less regs

A business coalition has begun a TV ad campaign in North Carolina pushing for a better business environment through less regulation and lower taxes.

The group, called Job Creators Alliance, began running an ad in the Raleigh-Durham market on Wednesday featuring Martin Marietta executive Steve Zelnak.

“Right now, excessive regulations are costing us jobs,” Zelnak said. “We need reforms that reduce taxes, produce real jobs, and reward success. That's how we create jobs and put Americans back to work.”

The ad buy is expected to run five weeks across North Carolina. It is part of a national campaign that is expected to air commercials in key battleground states.

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