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Morning Roundup: Obama, Romney plans on Medicare differ widely

Democrats are pounding North Carolina mailboxes with fliers warning about what Republicans Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan would do to Medicare -- a rebuttal to the GOP attacks on President Barack Obama. 

Medicare and Social Security are two of the largest parts of the federal government. They’re growing. And they’re heading toward financial problems that will touch tens of millions of Americans unless something changes. Read more on the issue here.

More political headlines:

--N.C. Republicans are distoring Erv Portman's vote on education funding. A fact-check here.

Democrats warn that GOP will state take backwards

ASHEVILLE – At the Democrat's annual western fundraising dinner Saturday night, the Republicans were accused of attempting to roll back the state's progress in favor of narrow interests.

“Pat McCrory and his Republican allies are whittling away at the greatness of our university system, and at the greatness of our community college system...and at our and the early childhood programs,'' Lt. Gov. Walter Dalton, the Democratic nominee told about 500 people attending the Western Gala at the Grove Park Inn.

An anniversary Gov. Perdue doesn't want to remember

The Republicans are reminiscing this morning.

Today is the anniversary of Gov. Bev Perdue's possibly biggest foot-in-mouth moment: her call to suspend congressional elections for two years so Washington can get something done. 

The GOP sent along this card.

And Dome couldn't resist re-posting a link its most-clicked post of all-time, thanks to the governor, Drudge Report and apparent black-helicopter paranoia about Democrats suspending elections.

Morning Roundup: Democrats say they remain committed to N.C.

Amid new indications that North Carolinians remained deadlocked on their presidential choice, Democratic chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz said Friday the Obama campaign is prepared to wage a vigorous campaign through the November election here.

Dismissing suggestions from Republicans that the president’s campaign was looking to reduce its effort in North Carolina, the chairwoman of the Democratic National Committee said the ticket was not backing off from what many observers have suggested is Obama’s most difficult battleground state. Full story here.

More political headlines below.

Personnel file: Pearse Edwards rejoins Gov. Perdue's staff

Pearse Edwards is rejoining Gov. Bev Perdue's office 14 months after he departed.

He assumes his former post as senior advisor on communications and even retakes his old office. Edwards most recently worked as a spokesman for Lt. Gov. Walter Dalton's Democratic primary campaign and then led a communications firm in Greensboro.

His move comes days after two top Perdue staffers departed the lame-duck administration. Perdue's chief communications aide Jon Romano left for a job in D.C. Perdue press secretary Chris Mackey will assume the communications director responsibilities. Her position will not be filled.

SBA loans available for flooding disaster relief

Disaster-assistance loans from the U.S. Small Business Administration are available for losses sustained in the flash flooding that damaged parts of Halifax and Northampton counties on Aug. 25, the governor’s office announced Wednesday.

Morning Roundup: What could have been for John Edwards

This could have been John Edwards’ convention. Don’t laugh. The switch of 135,000 votes in Ohio in 2004, and the country would be coming to the end of the second term of the Kerry-Edwards administration.

Vice President Edwards – too busy attending funerals of foreign leaders to be fooling around with a New York party girl – would have stepped from President John Kerry’s shadow and accept his party’s nomination. But now Edwards is the name that must not be mentioned at the Democratic convention in Charlotte. Rob Christensen's column here.

More political stories:

--Gov. Bev Perdue finds a new candidate to campaign for this election year.

-- DNC wrap: First Lady Michelle Obama's speech. N.C. reaction. The Latino outreach effort at convention. A photo gallery from the first day. Up next: Bill Clinton. N.C.'s oldest delegate. Jon Stewart rips Uptown. Alternate speakers platform is lonely. Harvey Gantt's legacy influences Obama. Find much more coverage here.

The Honorable Bev Purdue

The Democratic convention officials misspelled Gov. Bev Perdue's name on a copy of her remarks distributed before she took the stage Tuesday evening.

It didn't take long for them to recognize. New ones are given with a corrected "e" in pen.

In DNC speech, Gov. Perdue guarantees Obama victory in North Carolina

UPDATED: N.C. Gov. Bev Perdue said President Obama was "delivering for North Carolina" in everything from education investments to bridge building, and declared that the state would vote in his favor again in November. (Watch her speech here.)

"We must re-elect the president because he's standing up for middle-class families and growing an economy that's built to last," Perdue told delegates at the Democratic National Convention on opening night. "And he's doing it all over the country and right here in North Carolina."

She spoke for five minutes just after 6:15 p.m., hours before the primetime spotlight, to a half empty convention hall. Perdue, who is keeping a robust schedule of speaking engagements and TV appearances, ad libbed from her prepared remarks and sounded as if she nearly lost her voice on stage.

Fake Gov. Perdue tweets show up on TV

MSNBC fell for the fake Gov. Bev Perdue on Twitter, more than once, a tweet-curating website reports.

The TV news program is trailing political tweets across the bottom of the screen during some of its coverage of the Democratic National Convention, as it did with the Republican convention last week.

During host Chris Matthews’ show one trailer attributed to “@GOVBEVPERDUE” remarked: “Welcome to North Carolina, Democrats! Can’t wait to tell everyone about NC’s great economy, low unemployment and my high approval.”

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