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Morning Memo: Vice President Biden to raise money for Kay Hagan

VICE PRESIDENT TO HEADLINE HAGAN FUNDRAISER: Vice President Joe Biden will visit North Carolina on Oct. 21 to help Democratic U.S. Sen. Kay Hagan raise campaign cash for her re-election bid in 2014. Biden will speak at a luncheon at the Washington Duke Inn in Durham, according to a copy of the invitation obtained by Dome.

The top ticket costs $10,000 and includes a photo and special host reception. The lowest priced ticket is $500 for the reception. The money will go to Hagan’s joint fundraising committee with the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, which has higher donation limits.

A day earlier, Hagan will hold another fundraiser in Durham at the Deer Chase Gardens hosted by Marcia Angle and Mark Trustin, the property’s owners. The more than two-dozen hosts for the reception are paying $1,000 each. The top ticket is the maximum federal contribution to a candidate, $2,600. The host list includes big local Democratic donors, such as John Replogle, John Sall and Amy Tiemann. The minimum ticket costs $150.

***Read more about the 2014 Senate race and more below in the Dome Morning Memo.***

George Holding appears to nap while presiding over shutdown debate

Raleigh Congressman George Holding found a few moments to get a nap Thursday -- while he was presiding over the U.S. House.

A C-SPAN camera caught Holding, a Republican, napping in the big chair on the dais as Republican Congressman Louie Gohmert of Texas railed against the federal health care law.

An image of Holding's nap is now making the rounds on the Internet and cable TV.

Conservative group runs web ads targeting Hagan on shutdown

A conservative organization is upping the ante on U.S. Sen. Kay Hagan as it attempts to pressure her to defund the federal health care law.

Heritage Action for America, the advocacy arm of The Heritage Foundation, is airing 15-second online video advertisements featuring an ominously voiced announcer asking: "Why won't Kay Hagan stop the shutdown and defund Obamacare?"

Morning Memo: Let the shutdown politics begin

THEN SHUT IT DOWN: The U.S. government started shutting down early Tuesday after a bitter fight over the new health care law deadlocked the Congress and stymied every attempt to keep money flowing after the federal fiscal year ended at midnight. It was the first such collapse of the government in nearly two decades and there was no immediate way to know how long it would last or how it would end. Read more here.

NOW BLAME GAME BEGINS: Hours after the partial shutdown, the blame game started, with Democrats and Republicans trying to say the other party was responsible. North Carolina congressmen are in the crosshairs.

***Read more shutdown politics and a look at what Gov. Pat McCrory did as the impasse and a federal lawsuit against the state loomed -- it's all below in the Dome Morning Memo.***

Holding says skepticsm about Syria is growing

Rep. George Holding said Thursday that he is more skeptical about U.S. military involvement in Syria after hearing testimony from Secretary of State John Kerry and Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel.

“After classified briefings and hearing directly from Secretaries Kerry and Hagel yesterday in the Foreign Affairs Committee, I am more skeptical than ever about President Obama’s plan to bomb Syria,'' the Raleigh Republican said in a statement. "For Secretary Kerry to say an attack on Syria – which when you get right down to it amounts to an act of war – is a limited strike, and then add we ‘are not fighting to win,’ doesn’t make a bit of sense.''

"What we heard today from the administration was purely and simply an exercise in minimizing and understating risks – and nothing I heard convinced me it is necessary to send one American soldier into battle,'' he said.

Morning Memo: Hold the fries; striking workers, a challenge to Ellmers and more pay questions

It may be harder to get your burger fix today. Fast food workers from about 30 chain restaurants in the Triangle are planning to walk off the job and march to the Martin Street Baptist Church. Welcome to Dome's Morning Memo.

NOT SO FAST FOOD TODAY: Fast food workers say they can't pay their rent and must rely on food stamps to feed their families. Among those planning to strike today an Army veteran who has lost her home. Strikers want higher wages and the right to form a union. Similar walkouts have been staged across the country this year. Full story.

1377778112 Morning Memo: Hold the fries; striking workers, a challenge to Ellmers and more pay questions The News and Observer Copyright 2011 The News and Observer . All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.

Holding: Move against Syria should have 'clear objective'

U.S. Rep. George Holding, R-N.C., today said that any military operation against Syria should have a clear objective and "must be an effective use of our military superiority and not merely carried out to adhere to ill-conceived and ill-defined ‘red-lines.’"

The line was a jab at President Obama, who mentioned a red line a year ago in a press conference. At the time, Obama said: “We have been very clear to the Assad regime, but also to other players on the ground, that a red line for us is we start seeing a whole bunch of chemical weapons moving around or being utilized. That would change my calculus. That would change my equation.”

Holding issued a statement that said: "The Assad regime’s disregard for the lives of its own citizens is deeply troubling and the attacks last week send a clear message that they will stop at nothing to hold onto power as long as possible."

He added that if the U.S. is planning military action in Syria, Congress should return to Washington from its August recess.

"Should the president decide to move forward with an armed response to the atrocity in Damascus, members of Congress must be advised, consulted, and have the opportunity to weigh in, and I stand ready to return to Washington to do just that,” Holding said.

Renee Schoof, McClatchy D.C. bureau

Morning Memo: House goes into OT, GOP pushes major bills in final moments

OVERTIME AT THE STATEHOUSE: What day is it again? The legislation continues its Friday session later this morning -- the one it started at 12:01 a.m. “Good morning, everybody,” House Speaker Thom Tillis said as he gavel in a new legislative day. The 9 a.m. session is one more than expected but House lawmakers didn’t want to stay past 1 a.m. to finish their work like the Senate, expecting lengthy debates. The House session is expected to last a couple hours. On the calendar: the “technical corrections” state budget bill that includes $2 million for the governor’s office to spend on innovative education programs -- a last-minute request from State Budget Director Art Pope’s office, budget writers said. Also: a final vote on a sweeping regulatory overhaul measure.

The big item left unfinished: Gov. Pat McCrory’s commerce bill. The fracking language added to the reorganization measure in conference doomed its chances in the house. (Special session, anyone?)

LEGISLATIVE SESSION ENDS WITH A FLURRY OF ACTION: Abortion. Voter ID. Massive changes to state regulations. Charlotte airport. It’s all headed to Gov. Pat McCrory. If you went to bed too soon, read it all below in the ***Dome Morning Memo.*** Along with Tillis campaign news.

McIntyre, Rouzer, Jones, Price, Holding, and Coble and fund raising

Democratic Rep. Mike McIntyre has raised $354,448 during the first six months of the year, while his likely GOP opponent, David Rouzer has raised $145,182, according to campaign finance reports.

McIntyre, the 7th district congressman who survived a very close election last time had $383,067 on hand in his campaign kitty as of June 30th, while Rouzer, a former state senator, had $168,269 on hand.

Most of McIntyre's money($274,028) was raised from political action committees.

The Rouzer campaign noted that it out raised McIntyre in individual donations $112,819 to $78,520 during the second quarter.

Immigration politics: Obama organization limbers up, Holding opposed

In an effort to build support for the immigration bill that passed the Senate, President

Barack Obama's political organization is being pulled out of mothballs.

Organizing for America will hold rallies on Monday in several locations across the state including Raleigh , Gastonia, Wilmington and Greensboro.

The Raleigh event will include a news conference at 2 p.m. at the Martin Luther King Memorial Gardens.

"OFA-NC volunteers know their work has just begun," said the news release. "The Senate vote was a great step forward; now it's time to take the fight to the House to make sure they act to pass comprehensive immigration reform that will strengthen the economy and ensure the American Dream for this generation and generations to come.''

But it will take some major convincing to get the support of 13th district Rep. George Holding, a Raleigh Republican, who expressed skepticism about the Senate bill.

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