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Fix the Debt group is airing North Carolina web ad

The North Carolina Chapter of Fix the Debt has released its first web ad that seeks to put pressure on Congress to reduce the deficits.

The ad features a family going over a budget with an accountant, with expenditures far in excess of income and a mounting debt.

"Folks in North Carolina know that they can't operate a family budget by spending so much more than they take in year after year, so why has it taken years of deficit spending for leaders in Washington to figure this out," said Zach Smathers, a North Carolina steering member and founder of Clarity Technology Group.

"The ad applies family accounting to the federal budget and clearly lays out the fact that an American family couldn't survive for very long spending so much more than they take in,'' he said.

Fix the Debt campaign makes another pitch

The North Carolina chapter of the national Fix the Debt campaign reacted Wednesday to the last-minute deal to avert the fiscal cliff, but vowed to keep up the pressure on politicians in Washington to come up with a long-term solution.

In a teleconference with reporters, co-chairman Bob Ingram, the retired CEO of GlaxoSmithKline, and Mary-Ann Baldwin from the Raleigh City Council, continued the effort begun in November when the group kicked off its campaign. Fix the Debt is a national effort promoting a way out of the federal debt by building on recommendations from the Simpson-Bowles commission.

'Fix the Debt' campaign heads to NC, prompts outrcy

A Washington-based coalition called Fix the Debt – which advocates lower taxes alongside a more obvious goal of putting a dent in the $16.2 trillion-plus national debt – is launching a state-level organization on Tuesday in Raleigh.

The group has been something of a lightning rod for criticism from liberal advocates, and local groups have taken notice and responded by planning a protest and slamming the group's ties to corporate and wealthy donors.

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