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One thing Nate Silver got wrong: Wake County

One thing Nate Silver got wrong on election night: Wake County.

"Almost all of Mr. Romney’s advantage can be explained by one county, Wake County, in North Carolina’s Research Triangle," wrote Nate Silver, the New York Times' superstar statistician, at 9:59 p.m. Tuesday.

The problem: Silver apparently didn't notice that the Wake County Board of Elections still hadn't posted early voting results hours after the polls closed. 

Republicans rejoice in Raleigh amid GOP victories

As the polls came to a close on the East Coast and results slowly began to trickle in bringing the election year to a close the ballroom of the North Raleigh Hilton began to fill up with campaign volunteers and supporters for the North Carolina GOP Party.

For live election results, visit

For the latest in the election, check out for the latest results. And check the homepage for more stories on the hot races.

Exit polls shows few North Carolina voters made choices on Election Day

The exit polls in North Carolina show the economy is the most pressing issue on voters' minds, specifically rising prices and unemployment, according to the National Election Pool.

About four in 10 of the state's voters believe their financial situation is about the same as four years ago and a plurality think the U.S. economy is improving. Only 3 percent of voters decided their choices on Election Day and another 3 percent in the few days prior. About three in four voters made up their minds before Labor Day, the exit polls show.

For more results, as posted by News 14 Carolina, click here or read below. The margin of error is plus-or-minus 4 percent. See more here from CNN.

Voters take their time to make decisions, split tickets

More anedotes from the polls:

Mike Yocum, an information technology professional in Cary, said he only recently decided to vote for President Barack Obama, like he did in 2008. What swayed his decision was Bill Clinton's speech at Pullen Park in Raleigh on Sunday.

"He mentioned that it takes more than four years to fix the economy, and I think he's right," Yocum said. 

Long lines, dedicated voters on Election Day in North Carolina

Thousands of North Carolina voters rushed to the polls bright and early today, eager to play their part in the final act of the 2012 election.

Most turning out today are traditionalist. They revel in the shared patriotism of joining neighbors at the voting station on the first Tuesday in November.

“It’s exciting to be in the same place, the same day with all your neighbors. You feel like it counts,” said Marshall Green, a Democrat who lives in the Oakwood neighborhood of Raleigh.

Morning Roundup: In Charlotte, First Lady says it's all on the line today

First Lady Michelle Obama repeated Monday what her husband did four years ago – held an election eve rally in Charlotte and urged supporters to stay “fired up” for one more day.

“It’s all going to come down to what happens in a few key battleground states like North Carolina,” Obama told more than 4,000 people who jammed a hanger at Charlotte-Douglas International Airport. “… It’s all at stake tomorrow.” Full story here.

More political headlines:

--An Election Day primer: N.C. counties to watch, top battleground states and a TV guide. Weather won't be a problem statewide.

Obama needs 2,869 more volunteers on Election Day in North Carolina

President Barack Obama's campaign in North Carolina is looking for 2,869 more volunteers on Election Day. Yes, exactly 2,869 (though they'll probably take more if they can get it).

The number is the subject of an "urgent" email message from Obama campaign field director Jeremy Bird to Obama supporters Monday. It says "shifts available all day."

Today's the day

VOTE TODAY: If you haven't already cast your ballot, now is the time. Here's a rundown of what's at stake. (N&O)

FREEMAN FLAP: B.J. Lawson's campaign says it was duped by an advertising firm that was hired to produce an ad with actor Morgan Freeman's voice. Freeman denied that he had recorded the ad. Lawson issued a written apology Monday: "This is terribly unfortunate, and we apologize profusely to Morgan Freeman for what has happened. This is obviously not something we ever would want to misrepresent." (N&O) The ad firm, meanwhile, has denied that it misled the Lawson campaign. MEI Political said in a statement it made clear verbally and in writing to Lawson's campaign that it was using a voice double of Freeman for the ad. (AP)

GOP EMBOLDENED: A takeover of the House in sight, Republicans brimmed with confidence Monday while Democrats braced for losses on the eve of recession-era elections for control of Congress and dozens of statehouses. "The American people are in charge," declared GOP leader John Boehner, vowing to shrink the size and cost of government if his party wins power today. (AP)

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