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And the winner of the Dome Election Pool is ...

The Dome Election Pool results are tallied. The winner: Raymond Shen.

Shen guessed 18 of 25 questions correctly -- one more point than 9 second place finishers. The tiebreaker -- President Barack Obama's popular vote percentage -- decided second place. The runner up: Jonathan Owens.

More than 150 people entered the Dome pool and only four people correctly guessed the electoral college margin. Thanks to everyone for participating. (*See notes on Florida and recounts below.)

Read observations about the Dome collective wisdom by clicking "Read More."

And the winner of the Dome election pool is ...

Tom Jensen is the guru at Public Policy Polling -- so it's probably no surprise he won Dome's election pool.

Jensen guessed four out of five questions correctly. He admitted to guessing in the GOP presidential contest and not using any poll data. The one he missed: the governor's race. He called Walter Dalton by 7 percent. Dalton won 8 percent. (He received partial credit and won with 4 1/2 points.)

It was a close race. Dome user inandoh had 4 points -- a half-point away from a win because of a better guess than Jensen on overall turnout.

Out of more than 30 entires, no one guessed everything right. But plenty of people beat the Dome political team. Top finishers (three points and above): dcope, stevefm, danmanley2299, Sam Spencer and Jim Blaine.

It's not too late to play! Enter the Dome election pool

It's not too late to enter Dome's election pool to crown the ultimate North Carolina pundit -- or at least the one who makes the best guesses on today's primary election.

Click here to find out how to play and submit your entry. All are welcome and prizes go to the winner. Entries will be accepted through 3 p.m. today. And read below on Dome for election coverage that can help you make your picks. Good luck.

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