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The most-clicked Dome posts of 2012 show N.C. in national spotlight

What made the biggest splash on Dome in 2012? The top 5 stories -- in terms of reader clicks --reflect how North Carolina played a major role in the national political scene and the Washington-driven penchant for little news bits that speak to a larger narrative. It doesn't necessarily reflect the biggest news of the political year, but what generated interest in the blogosphere.

Click below to see the top 5.

Dome Election Pool: Test your political knowledge and win prizes!

Are you smarter than the political pundits? Or the Dome scribes? Well, here's your chance to prove it.

The 2012 Dome Election pool will test your political knowledge and forecasting skills. If you've paid attention to Dome in the last few weeks, most of this will come easy and look for hints throughout the survey. Click here to play.

The first place winner receives a News & Observer umbrella and travel coffee mug and ultimate bragging rights. Second place wins a N&O water bottle. If you have questions, email John Frank at

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