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The "influencers"

Campaigns & Elections, a trade magazine for politicos, named the top "political influencers" in its latest edition. Ten from each state made it to the list.

Five Republicans and five Democrats, a mix of North Carolina lobbyists and campaign consultants, got the nod.

The five Republicans: John Davis of John Davis Consulting; Tom Fetzer, lobbyist and former Raleigh mayor and state GOP chairman; lobbyist Dana Simpson; political consultant Carter Wrenn; and political consultant Chris Sinclair. Davis is actually unaffiliated.

The five Democrats: Political consultant Brad Crone; consultant Mike Davis; strategist Scott Falmlen, a former state Democratic Party executive director; lobbyist Bruce Thompson; and Andrew Whalen, consultant for the Blue Dog Coalition and a former state Democratic Party executive director.

Ranking of top lobbyists shades Republican, includes new faces

UPDATED: The lobbyists with the most clout on Jones Street are increasingly Republicans, according to the 2012 rankings in the N.C. Center for Public Policy Research survey of the top 60. (See full list here.)

The top 10 (with 2010 rank): 1. Dana Simpson (14); 2. Tom Fetzer (unranked); 3. Andy Ellen (2); 4. John McMillan (1); 5. Harry Kaplan (9); 6. Chuck Neely (10); 7. Connie Wilson (unranked); 8. John McAlister (13); 9. Theresa Kostrzewa (23); 10. John Bode (4).

The unscientific rankings are compiled through surveys of lawmakers, lobbyists and capital correspondents. About two dozen of the lobbyists who made this year’s top 60 are ranked for the first time and most represent an assortment of special interests on contract. The top 10 features mostly lobbyists with Republican ties, a reversal from two years ago when Democrats filled the upper echelon.

Read the full story here. And read below to see the center's breakdown.

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