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Morning Memo: Rove to raise money for Tillis; Harris plans statewide tour

GOP strategist Karl Rove will headline a series of fundraising events for U.S. Senate candidate Thom Tillis in mid-November, an aide to the former Bush administration official confirmed to Dome. The details are still being finalized but Rove and Tillis are likely to hit events across the state, Tillis allies said.

Next week, Tillis will attend a reception hosted by Rove’s political action committee, Crossroads GPS, which spent big money in the 2012 election. Democratic incumbent Kay Hagan used Rove as a foil in one of her recent fundraising pitches -- showing Rove’s close link to Tillis may help both sides.

As Tillis focuses on raising money his latest rival Mark Harris begins a high-flying announcement tour for next week. Read about it and more North Carolina political news below in the Dome Morning Memo.***

Karl Rove's Crossroads GPS hits Hagan with fiscal cliff radio ad

It's the most wonderful time of the year -- at least for media scrambling to find cash now that the 2012 campaigns are things of the past.

Crossroads Grassroots Policy Strategies, a Washington-based political action committee headed by Karl Rove, has launched a new radio ad in the Tar Heel State.

The ad targets Sen. Kay Hagan, making the conservative group the second of what will be many to spend in hopes of turning the seat red in 2014.

Conservative nonprofit launches $1 million ad campaign against Obama

A conservative political group is debuting a new TV ad in North Carolina, it announced Tuesday, as it continues to highlight President Barack Obama's economic policies.

The Crossroad GPS ad will run on network TV for about 10 days, nearly a $1 million buy, the group said. It's the last spot in a $25 million effort launched earlier this month by the Republican-aligned nonprofit advocacy group. 

Crossroads GPS begins new anti-Obama ad in NC

American Crossroads GPS, a superpac aligned with Republican candidate Mitt Romney will go up on the air Friday in North Carolina with an ad that says Democratic President Barack Obama's campaign is goign too far in his attacks on Romney. The ad says that the Obama campaign is attacking Romney, because of his own weak record. Crossroads GPS, which is associated with former White House advisor Karl Rove, says it plans to spend $893,000 on the ad.

Crossroads GPS begins new anti-Obama ad in NC

Crossroads GPS, the superpac allied with Mitt Romney, began Thursday airing a TV commercial in North Carolina and eight other battleground states criticizing President Barack Obama on jobs and the national debt.

The new ad, called "Tried," will run for seven to 10 days in North Carolina, Colorado, Florida, Iowa, Michigan, New Hampshire, Nevada, Ohio, and Virginia.

Crossroads is associated with Karl Rove, the former advisor to President George W. Bush.

"President Obama promised that his policies of big spending and taking on more debt would create jobs, but instead we've seen the weakest econmic recovery in modern history," said Steven Law, president of Crossroads.

Crossroads supepac begins $2.7 million anti-Obama ad campaign in NC

Crossroads GPS, the conservative superpac, announced Friday that it will launch a massive $2.7 million TV advertising blitz in North Carolina that criticizes President Barack Obama.

The first ad, called  "excuses," says Obama has used a series of excuses for a bad economy rather than taking strong action.

"We're suffering though one of the weakest economic recoveries in our history, and the one thing President Obama is offering is slogans and excuses," said Steven Law, president of Crossroads GPS.  Crossroads is closely associated with Karl Rove, the former chief political advisor to President George W. Bush.

The ad campaign is part of a $25 million advocacy effort starting July 10 and running through early August. Besides North Carolina, the ad campaign is running in Colorado, Florida, Iowa, Michigan, New Hampshire, Nevada, Ohio, and Virginia.

$1.7 million will be spent on presidential ads in NC this week

If you think you saw a lot of presidential campaign ads on TV, you are right.

The campaigns and their allies will spend $1.7 million on North Carolina television stations this week, according to an analysis by NBC/ SMG Delta.  The only states where the campaigns will spend more on TV were Ohio, Florida, and Virginia.

The re-election campaign of President Barack Obama will spend $1.1 million in North Carolina, while the pro Romney forces will spend $642,000. That breaks down to $193,000 being spent by the campaign of former Gov. Mitt Romney and $449,000 being spent by Crossroads GPS, the super pac associated with Karl Rove, the former advisor to President George W. Bush.

Overall, nationally, the pro Obama groups will spent $8.8 million while the pro Romney groups will spend $4.7 million.

Crossroads begins new anti-Obama ad targeting national debt

Crossroads GPS, the super PAC associated with former Bush White House advisor Karl Rove, began airing a new TV ad in North Carolina Tuesday that focuses on the national debt.

Called the "stop watch," the ad criticizes the administration of President Barack Obama for failing to address the the national debt.

The group  said the ad is slated to run two weeks at a cost of $654,000 and is the third spot anti-Obama ad campaign in North Carolina costing $2.7 million. (Crossroads is spending $25 million nationally.)

Besides North Carolina, the new ad is running in Colorado, Florida, Iowa, Michigan, New Hampshire, Nevada, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Virginia.

UPDATE: Adam Hodge, spokesman for the Democratic National Committee said: "Karl Rove's newest deceptive ad reminds of what he and Mitt Romney have in common -- zero credibility when it comes to debt. Because of the policies of the last administration -- massive tax cuts that weren't paid for, two wars that weren't paid for, and the effects of the recession -- President Obama entered office facing the largest deficit relative to the economy since World War II.''

North Carolina TV markets in top 10 nationwide for political ads

This isn't news to North Carolina TV viewers -- but parts of the state are seeing more political advertising than anywhere else in the country as the state's status as a battleground in the 2012 comes into picture.

The state's three largest TV markets -- Greensboro-HighPoint, Raleigh-Durham and Charlotte -- are in the top 10 nationwide for the concentration of political advertising, according to an NBC/SMG Delta analysis. (They sit at No. 3, 5 and 8, respectively. See full list below.) 

It comes as Mitt Romney's campaign launches a $2 million ad buy this week, putting a quarter of the money into North Carolina. The New York Times writes that Romney's campaign is putting a priority on winning North Carolina, which President Barack Obama's team is also emphasizing.

Crossroads GPS begins ad in NC going for soft Obama swing voters

Crossroads GPS, the Super PAC associated with Karl Rove, the former advisor to President George W. Bush, has begun airing a new commercial in North Carolina. It is a soft-focused ad that aimed at people who may have voted for Obama in 2008 and may be having doubts about voting for him again.

The ad, called "Basketball," is airing in North Carolina, Colorado, Florida, Michigan, New Hampshire, Nevada, Pennsylvania and Virginia. The three-week run costs $9.7 million.  The ad features a mother watching her children playing basketball, and later watching her grown up children still living at home.

"I supported President Obama because he spoke so beautifully," says the mother in the commercial. "He promised change, but things changed for the worse.''

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