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Former government tax attorney moves to Moore & Van Allen

Canaan Huie, former general counsel at the state Department of Revenue, starts a new job today at the law and lobbying firm Moore & Van Allen, Gov.-elect Pat McCrory's old stomping ground.

Prior two his two years at Revenue, Huie spent a dozen years working at the legislature. His time on Jones Street included a stint on Rep. Joe Hackney's staff when the Orange County Democrat was House Speaker.

"Fruit from a Fruitloop"

The "Fruit from a Fruitloop" Facebook campaign offers people who object to state Rep. Larry Brown's use of disparaging terms for gays a way to make food bank donations and send messages to the Kernersville Republican.

The donations will go to the Food Bank of Central & Eastern North Carolina.

The Facebook campaign organizers asked donors to write "Fruit from a Fruitloop"  in the subject lines of their e-cards, which will go to Brown's legislative e-mail account.

Last week, Brown sent members of the House Republican caucus an e-mail calling gays "queers" and "fruitloops."

"Our intent it to take something negative and turn it into something positive," said John Paul Womble, one of the organizers.

Womble, who leads the Alliance of AIDS Services - Carolina, said the event has nothing to do with his job. Womble said he helped start the campaign as a community activist who wanted to take a stand against gay people being "mocked and made fun of and bullied."

Womble organized the Facebook campaign with good friend Canaan Huie, who is House Speaker Joe Hackney's tax counsel. Likewise, Huie said the event has nothing to do with his job, and he helped organize it as a private citizen.

Hat Tip: Brooke Cain

Details of the compromise bill

Legislative staffers have shared some details on the compromise bill.

According to Canaan Huie, House finance counsel for Speaker Joe Hackney, the new incentives bill would give cash rebates for additional sales and use taxes, worker training costs and/or state fees.

According to the formulas included in it, Goodyear would qualify for $24.5 million; Bridgestone Firestone, $22.5 million.

A total investment of $200 million over six years would be required.

In addition, the bill would:

* Provide of up to $60 million over a 10-year period to five companies. Once those five grants have been committed, the program would end. Goodyear and Bridgestone would have to apply, and a committee would approve the grants.

* Allow the company to lay off up to 20 percent of its workers. However, any cuts in workers would be directly tied to a reduction in that year's grant. If a company fell below 80 percent of its workforce, it wouldn't be eligible that year, but it could reapply once it rehired.

* Require a baseline employment of 1,500 workers and pay of 140 percent of the county's average — more than the 110 percent currently used for economic development grants.

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