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Woodhouse leaving post as chief Democratic spokesman

Raleigh native Brad Woodhouse is leaving his post as chief spokesman for the national Democratic Party.

Woodhouse has worked for five years as communications director of the Democratic National Committee, senior advisor to three party chairs and to the two Obama campaigns. His last day is Friday.

He will begin work as president of Americans United for Change, a post he held before joining the party.

Brad Woodhouse is a bald-headed Democrat

Democratic National Committee spokesman Brad Woodhouse saw his manicured locks fall to the floor Sunday in a moment of bipartisanship with his Republican counterpart Sean Spicer. (In case you missed it, video above.)

The two politicos shaved their heads on ABC's "This Week." As we've reported, it began as a political bet -- emulating Joe Scarborough and David Axelrod's bet about North Carolina in the presidential election. Whoever's candidate won the election would shave the loser's head on national television. But in the end, both agreed as part of a charity drive for St. Baldrick's cancer research foundation.

Woodhouse, a Raleigh native, raised more than $6,700 for the cause.

Celebrating a good cause with the Woodhouse brothers

UPDATED (again): Brad Woodhouse made his original goal and now has increased it.

UPDATED: Dome was right about Dallas Woodhouse (read on to find out how).

Here at Dome, we've been wondering about the Woodhouse family holiday gathering. What is it like when Brad Woodhouse, communications director for the Democratic National Committee, gathers to carve the turkey with his brother Dallas Woodhouse, the North Carolina state director for the conservative Americans for Prosperity?

Does one accidentally spill the gravy on the other? Who wins the wishbone contest? Is there elbow jostling as they pull it?

We remember a few years ago their mother Joyce telling an N&O reporter that she tries to get them to not talk politics at the holiday table. But she also told The N&O that "they still love each other."

And apparently, they can still be proud of each other. The evidence came today in a message that Dallas Woodhouse forwarded to various media saying: "Here is a note from my brother … watch ABC News this week." 

Democrats go after Romney surrogates

The Democrats on Friday took the unusual step of going after the Romney-Ryan surrogates in the state – saying they are part of the problem.

In a teleconference, Brad Woodhouse, the spokesman for the Democratic National Committee and a Raleigh native, and state Rep. Deborah Ross of Raleigh said such Romney surrogates as Republican Sen. Richard Burr, GOP gubernatorial candidate Pat McCrory and House Speaker Thom Tillis were pushing the same wrong-headed policies as the national ticket.

“It should come as no surprise that Romney and Ryan's North Carolina team embodies many of the same philosophies and ideals as the candidates themselves,” said Woodhouse.

Why all is not politically lost with Obama venue change

Even with the venue change Thursday, a national Democratic Party official said the Obama campaign still scored a political coup.

The roughly 65,000 who were expected at Bank of America Stadium gave the campaign their email addresses and cellphone numbers -- which will allow the campaign to target them directly in the closing two months of the presidential race.

"The effort to have the stadium event will not be a complete waste," said Brad Woodhouse, the Democratic National Committee communications director, at the convention Thursday.

DNC official still says Parker should have left as chairman

A national Democratic official said he rather David Parker not lead the state party delegation to Charlotte but now its a moot point. 

"We always felt that the right thing to do would be for him to move on, but at this point we've all moved on," said Brad Woodhouse, the Democratic National Committee's communications director. "The talk of a lawsuit continues to fester so we thought the right thing was to lance that bull to have a clean break ... but it's not something voters care about."

Woodhouse not to be W.H. press secretary

Raleigh native Brad Woodhouse will not replace Robert Gibbs as President Obama's press secretary.

The White House announced Thursday that Jay Carney, spokesman for Vice President Joe Biden and a former staffer at Time magazine, will be the new spokesman. Woodhouse, who worked with Gibbs on the staff of former Rep. Bob Etheridge, had been widely rumored as a possible replacement.

Woodhouse is currently the communications director for the Democratic National Commitee.

Republican leaders share thoughts; Ellmers in Washington

Republican leaders: Incoming House Speaker Thom Tillis and incoming Senate leader Phil Berger shared their thoughts on budget cuts, open government and business regulation. (N&O)

Tax refunds: Trying to avoid the delays that frustrated filers in the past two years, Gov. Bev Perdue ordered state revenue officials to make sure taxpayers receive faster refunds. People who are owed income tax refunds this year will receive their money within 30 to 45 days after they file their returns, said Perdue spokeswoman Chrissy Pearson. (N&O)

Edwards out of will: Elizabeth Edwards, a political spouse whose battle against breast cancer and marital problems made her a public figure, made no mention of her estranged husband in her will. In a last will and testament filed Dec. 22 in Orange County Superior Court, Elizabeth Edwards named Cate Edwards, a lawyer and her eldest child, as executor of her estate. (N&O)

Ellmers ready for action: Renee Ellmers, a nurse, wife and mom from the small town of Dunn, became a U.S. congresswoman Wednesday, joining a tide of conservative, anti-government newcomers that will be among the most-watched freshman classes in recent memory. (N&O)

Gibbs out. Woodhouse  in? President Obama could be trading one spokesman with North Carolina ties for another. Robert Gibbs, the White House press secretary for the last two years, announced Wednesday that he is resigning to become an outside political adviser. One of the president's most visible and forceful advocates, Gibbs is expected to work with Obama's 2012 re-election campaign. (N&O)

Raleigh native in line for White House job?

Raleigh native Brad Woodhouse, communications director for the Democratic National Committee, is being mentioned as a possible replacement for White House spokesman Robert Gibbs. Gibbs, a graduate of N.C. State, said today he'll step down as press secretary.

The Washington Post's Chris Cillizza writes that Woodhouse, 43, could be on a shortlist of candidates for the job.

"Southern, wry and politically minded, Woodhouse and Gibbs are personal friends," Cillizza writes. "Woodhouse is eminently quotable and has strong relations with the national press corps thanks to years of flacking for candidates and campaigns. The one knock on him? He might be too political for the official White House staff."

Charlotte Observer political writer Jim Morrill points out that Woodhouse and Gibbs worked together in former Rep. Bob Etheridge's office. Woodhouse also was a spokesman for Erskine Bowles' 2002 U.S. Senate campaign.

Woodhouse isn't the only member of his family in the political spotlight. His brother Dallas is director of the N.C. chapter of the conservative Americans for Prosperity. They've sparred publicly over issues like President Obama's health care proposal, including during a joint appearance last year on CNN.

“You cannot have an honest debate with folks like my brother on this issue,” Brad told CNN host John Roberts. “It’s simple that the president is losing this debate,"

Dallas responded: "You know he’s losing this debate when people like my brother and the White House start attacking hard-working, tax-paying citizens as mobsters.”

UPDATE: Reached at his Washinton office, Brad Woodhouse declined to comment on whether he had spoken with White House officials about the big job. But he and Gibbs are still good friends and are in frequent contact, he said.

Woodhouse brothers square off over health care ad

Americans for Prosperity is launching a new television ad that urges members of Congress to scrap the health care plan pushed by Democratic President Barack Obama.

The ad features breast cancer survivor Tracy Walsh of North Augusta, S.C., who was diagnosed at age 43.

"Early detection saved my life," Walsh says in the ad, warning that government panel guidelines about delaying mammograms until age 50 could be dangerous. "If I had followed the new government guidelines on mammograms, my cancer would have spread undetected, and my chances of survival would have been reduced."

Americans for Prosperity State Director Dallas Woodhouse sent his news release about the ad to Dome. He also helpfully copied his brother, Brad Woodhouse, who is communications director of the Democratic National Committee.

Brad Woodhouse shot back that the ad wasn't meant to get better health care reform.

"Start over — you're just trying to kill reform — plain and simple," Brad Woodhouse wrote.

Anyone else think Thanksgiving would be interesting at the Woodhouses?

UPDATE: Post now includes the version of the ad that his airing in North Carolina.

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