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Pat McCrory's election reflects single-party trend

Bloomberg News took note of Gov.-elect Pat McCrory in a story today that notes big question facing the Republican: “The big questions now are how far to the right will the Republicans in power go, and will he go with them," political expert Michael Bitzer told the news service.

As the article noted: "The 2012 election produced the most states with single- party governments since 1952, reflecting growing polarization, according to a tally on the National Conference of State Legislatures website. Only 12 have divided governments, while Nebraska’s single-house legislature is nonpartisan. Fourteen have Democratic governors and Democratic majorities in their legislatures, while 23 are unified Republican."

Read the full piece here.

Jones: Answer FOIA on bailout

Walter JonesThe public deserves to know the details of the Federal Reserve's emergency loans to the nation's financial institutions, says U.S. Rep. Walter Jones.

The Farmville Republican told Federal Reserve Board Chairman Ben Bernanke that he should reconsider the denial of a Freedom of Information Act request from the Bloomberg News agency asking for details on the spending of nearly $2 trillion of taxpayers' money, Barb Barrett reports.

"At a time when many Americans have serious concerns about their own financial security, it is important for our nation to have confidence in the actions of the Federal Reserve," Jones wrote in a letter to Bernanke. "When taxpayer dollars are used to bail out financial institutions, the American people deserve full disclosure on who receives those funds and under what terms. Americans need to know how their hard-earned dollars are being spent."

Jones added:

"I strongly urge you to immediately reconsider your decision to deny the Bloomberg News request. The Federal Reserve should know better than anyone that blocking transparency in financial markets will only delay America's economic recovery."

Al Hunt cites Harrell in N.C. column

Al Hunt says Ty Harrell is proof that North Carolina has changed.

In a column in Bloomberg News today, the Wake Forest University graduate and longtime national political observer writes that Harrell's win in a predominantly white legislative district was telling.

A microcosm of this year's presidential race was the state legislative battle in Wake County two years ago when Ty Harrell, a young black fundraiser and small businessman, upset a longtime conservative Republican in a district that is 85 percent white.

"I like to think I transcended race," says Harrell. "I think Obama is doing that, too."

In Mecklenburg and Wake counties, and increasingly other parts of this state, there are fewer Helms Republicans. That's why the presidential race in North Carolina is a tossup and why Republican Senator Elizabeth Dole is fighting for her political life. It's also why in the gubernatorial race the moderate Republican seven-term mayor of Charlotte, Patrick McCrory -- he raised taxes to fund a new light-rail transit system -- is threatening to break the Democratic hold on the statehouse.

Harrell was the first North Carolina official to endorse Obama.

Hat Tip: Rob BlackĀ 

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