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Suspicious package that cleared Administration Building tests negative

The suspicious package in Gov. Pat McCrory's office that caused the Administration Building to be evacuated Thursday turned out to be a false alarm.

The package was tested for toxicity and results came back negative, said Kim Genardo, the governor's spokeswoman

“Fortunately it was a false alarm,” she said. “But you can never too be vigilant.”

A member of the governor's staff opened a package late Thursday and became concerned about it's contents, contacting emergency personnel. The building was evacuated for about 35 minutes, while a hazmet team removed the package.

McCrory says Administration Building fire shows bad shape of state buildings

Gov. Pat McCrory Monday showed reporters the site of an electrical fire in the Administration Building, using it illustrate how bad the physical plant had run down.

“This building could have been destroyed and we could have a loss of life,” McCrory said. “That is how broken the system is right now. And this is one of the better buildings we have right now in state government.''

“Before we build any new buildings, we have to take care of some of existing buildings and make sure they are safe for employees and make sure they have sufficient security for information systems, and make sure these long-term maintenance problems are fixed or it is going to cost the taxpayers even more money,'' McCrory said.

McCrory uses small fire at Administration Buliding as his political punch line

Throughout the weekend, Gov. Pat McCrory used a small fire that occurred Friday at the state Administration Building as a punch line in his speeches.

"We said we were going to ignite the state's economy ... that wasn't what we meant," he joked. "But all of together work together to solve these complex issues we will ignited the economy and put people back to work."

A spokesman for the governor's office said a piece of equipment overheated and caught on fire. It was contained to the area but it damaged the computer system and put smoke throughout the first floor. It was put out by a fire extinguisher.

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