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Obama: Robocalls 'extremely disturbing'

The Barack Obama campaign said the "Lamont Williams" calls were "extremely disturbing."

In a conference call with reporters this afternoon, legal counsel Bob Bauer said that recent robocalls by Women's Voices Women Vote to North Carolina voters fit "the classic model of voter suppression" by introducing confusion just before an election.

But he stopped short of saying that the calls were designed to suppress votes, noting that the group said that the calls were not meant to be misleading.

"They have said it's inadvertent and I understand it will not happen again," he said. 

He said the group has pledged to cooperate with state regulators and apologized for the mistakes, so the Obama campaign does not see any reason to push for legal action.

Still, Bauer said that the Obama campaign will have "no tolerance" for voter suppression efforts in the future and is encouraging voters to report them on its Web site.  


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Re: Obama: Robocalls 'extremely disturbing'

I would call Obama's choice of friends extremely disturbing. If you aren't familiar with Barack Obama's circle of friends, click and view. I think that you will understand why the teflon is wearing thin on Obama.

this has clinton's fingerprints all over it (LINK)

please read the exclusive investigative piece from the institute for southern studies:

this needs to be headline news in NC.

this group is trying to spin as if they have merely made some mistakes, but what exists is a pattern, across 11 states, of making extremely deceptive calls which serve to disenfranchise the recipients of the disinformation.

while this women's voting group (which has 501 c3 status and a hefty budget and significant ties to -- who else? -- hillary clinton) ostensibly seeks to register women, the complaints from several states reveal, instead, a pattern of targeting the calls toward african americans. hmm.

benign and extreme incompetence seem to compose their veneer of plausible deniability, but how are we to believe that this pattern, which has been repeated since february (the Virginia calls) is purely accidental? why would a voter outreach program for females enlist an african american sounding male voice identified as 'Lamont Williams' to make the calls? and why do their caller IDs show up blank, in direct violation of NC laws?

if this is what it appears to be, it is absolutely despicable and the perpetrators should be prosecuted.

Re: Obama: Robocalls 'extremely disturbing'

Obviously all of Obama's college-educated supporters were confused.

Re: Obama: Robocalls 'extremely disturbing'

Very interesting comments from John Edward about Change in Washington DC

Re: Obama: Robocalls 'extremely disturbing'

no comment from the clinton camp?

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