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Chris Fitzsimon: Trying to understand the NC tea party

Chris Fitzsimon, who blogs with the liberal NC Policy Watch weighs in on the shutdown in Washington and the GOP convention that will be held next year at Harrah's at Cherokee.

"Just when you think things couldn’t get any more absurd in Washington, where a small group of radical tea partiers in Congress is holding the country hostage, North Carolina Congressman Mark Meadows weighs in.

"Meadows has received some notoriety for drafting the letter that was signed by roughly 80 House members promising to oppose any effort to keep the government running that did not defund the Affordable Care Act—the law that was passed by Congress and signed by the president who was then handily reelected last year.

"But Salon reported Thursday that Meadows said that the shutdown of the federal government is not actually about Obamacare anymore, prompting a reporter to ask him then why not simply pass a clean bill to fund the government and end all this blackmail and nonsense.

"Here is Meadows word for word answer from the audio as reported by Steven Benen with the Maddow Blog.

“Because it, twofold. One is, is, that when you when you start to look, they say ‘clean CR?’ That it, it translates into into to truly a blank check, and, and so Obamacare is an issue for me and my constituents, but what happens is today is, we gotta figure a way to open it back up and, and with that, in opening it back up, when we start to look at these issues, it, it is critical that we make it, the decisions we, we make to be as least harmful as they possibly can be.”

"Well that certainly clears things up."

Read the entire post here.


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As far as the east is from the west

And we are trying to understand Chris Fitzsimon.

The letter

The letter that Mark Meadows penned was signed on August 21, 2013. It was done after extensive pushing of Freedom Works and other conservative organizations being largely funded by Charles and David Koch.

So the plan for government shutdown was hatched back in August. Over the last 6 months, the Senate leadership has requested 18 times that the Republican House agree to a budget (continuing resolution). They refused to meet. The only deduction is that the Republican House wanted a government shutdown and didn't want an adopted budget to get in the way.

When we elect Congressmen from gerrymandered districts that are 90% white like Meadows district, they have little reason to compromise. If you are unwilling to compromise and adopt a budget, it amounts to anarchy. Those members of Congress that support this plan don't want government to function, period. We can do better.

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