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DHHS Secretary Wos speaks on freedom, not health care, at women's club

The Wake Republican Women’s Club introduced Aldona Wos, the state Secretary of Health and Human Services, as its Thursday meeting’s keynote speaker, saying she would discuss national health care. But when Wos took to the lectern, she said she would not be able to speak on the topic. Instead she addressed the group as a “private citizen,” and told personal stories on the themes of “responsibility” and “freedom.”

“Democracy provides us the … responsibility to make choices,” she said. “Responsibility is too often overlooked. We must … say, ‘What are the facts, and what is the right thing to do?’”

Wos told the story of her move from Poland to the U.S., and the tyranny her father faced during World War II. She's shared the story before in The News & Observer. She didn't specifically compare living in communist Poland with the U.S. government, but talked generally about appreciating the freedom available in this country. She said Americans have a responsibility to educate and improve themselves.

A bodyguard prevented a News & Observer reporter from asking Wos any questions after the speech.


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I doubt the N & O reporters have to get by the bodyguards to speak to the Democrats. Probably because the N & O reporters are themselves the bodyguards of the Democrats.


Extol the virtues of freedom and then demonstrate disdain for freedom of the press. Seriously? A bodyguard kept the reporter from asking questions?

Real classy, Aldona.

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