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McCrory gives protesters cookies

UPDATED: Gov. Pat McCrory hasn't been willing to meet with the women (and a few men) protesting an abortion bill that opponents say restricts access to safe abortions. But he did stop by this afternoon with a plate of chocolate chip cookies.

McCrory was flanked by four security guards as he came out of the mansion gates. Before stepping onto common ground with the protesters – he went as far as the middle of the street between his mansion and the vigil – McCrory pointed directly at Jamie Sohn, a Chapel Hill resident.

“I was like, 'Me?' and he nodded,” she said during an interview shortly after.

The security guards stopped incoming traffic. Sohn walked out into the street to meet McCrory.

Sohn said McCrory told her: “ 'These are for you. God bless you, God bless you, God bless you.' " He handed her the plate of cookies, and waved as he walked away. She said she was too stunned to say anything back. (That's Sohn looking surprised in the photo above which was snapped by Irene Godinez.)

No one knew if the cookies were homemade – the protesters didn’t sample any before returning them. They slipped them under the mansion’s gate, along with a note that read: “We want women’s health care, not cookies.”

McCrory's gesture was — considering his decision to sign the bill Monday — seen as a bit condescending by those present, who came up with an off-the-cuff chant: "Hey Pat, that was rude. You wouldn't give cookies to a dude."

The governor's communications director, Kim Genardo, responded to questions about the cookies in an email: "Sometimes a plate of cookies is just a plate of cookies."

Sohn said she saw McCrory on Monday, as well, after he signed Senate Bill 353, the abortion bill, into law. She said he came out onto the mansion balcony and waved, while the women and men holding the 12-hour vigil shouted “shame” and “liar.”

Planned Parenthood supporters had planned for today's vigil to last until 10 p.m., but they cut it short, ending around 2:30 p.m. Today the women wore dresses styled after a TV show set in the 1960s, “Mad Men,” a nod to their perception that Republican policies are outdated and misogynistic.

From here on out, Planned Parenthood will focus on registering voters across the state, and getting people to speak out, said Paige Johnson, Planned Parenthood of Central N.C.'s vice president of external affairs.

"The legislators that have pushed through in a shameless way this restriction on women's health, we're going to make sure they feel it in their backyard," she said.

Staff writers Annalise Frank and Mary Cornatzer


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I don't know who his

I don't know who his day-to-day handlers are, they're assisting him create himself look like an uncaring boar. The handlers should keep him under secure and key.

It's worth more than a Chuckle

To Chuckle - You being a male, thus unable to become pregnant, I feel you have no right whatsoever to attack women's choices. Here is a question of integrity for you: How many times have you slept with a woman with whom you had no intention of raising a child? And if you say never, I have a hard time believing you. Then again, you might be that exception to the rule because in my rather long life, I have not come across many men that could answer this question with 'none'. And so you know, I say this without the least bit of judgment. It is the way it is, but if you can lie with a woman out of wedlock 'just because', you have to allow women the same right. This is 2013. We do have the same rights as you - last time I checked. True, the consequences for her may be life changing, either way, by the way. Raising a child alone, giving it up for adoption, or aborting it leaves life-long scars on a woman. You wouldn't know, nor will you ever know... Humble yourself, admit your own shortcomings and embrace life's tragedies with empathy. There is someone in charge of judging our morality, mine and yours. Let God do that work within each individual.

I think McCrory violated Governor's Mansion custom!

I think the custom is for the Governor to bake Rice Krispie Treats rather than cookies. As I recall Bev was famous for her mansionmade Rice Krispie Treats which she gave to Marc, Tony, et al.

The demonstrators might have been expecting mansionmade Rice Krispie Treats and were disappointed with the cookies.

I guess this is McCrory's

I guess this is McCrory's way of saying "let them eat cake".

So, Chuckle, what you are

So, Chuckle, what you are saying is that I should have told my husband no? Because after having our 4th child, I had a procedure done to ensure there would be no #5. Instead, I got pregnant with a very dangerous pregnancy that threatened my health and life. Should I have opted to do nothing and orphan my 4 children?

"abortion is wrong" @Gov

You are entitled to your opinion - so take your responsibility seriously and keep your sperm to your self. I sense you have inferior genetic makeup so please spare us women. You will never get pregnant nor will you ever have to undergo an abortion. It happens to women and women only (just in case you thought otherwise) and it is OUR choice whether to continue the pregnancy - NO ONE else has the right to make that decision for us. No matter the circumstances, decisions are not made lightly - it is not" oh lets go have an abortion instead of shopping today" With the political mentality that is permeating, for many many women, having a baby right now is NOT advisable. Since health insurance, paid with tax dollars, is not allowed to offer abortion as an option even if the woman pays for that option, I don't know how any one can say abortion is NOT being restricted . I have a hard time swallowing the cookie let alone the governor's slant on his denial that he is not restricting abortion.

Abortion Bill

Don't be fooled by the rhetoric coming out of the state capitol on the changes in abortion procedures. The changes aren't there because they have a benevolent side of them that is there to protect your health. The bill sponsored by Sen. Stam and signed by Gov. McCrory was done solely on RELIGIOUS BELIEF, not to insure that you are getting a higher standard of care. All of this legislation is presented to the public falsely .It is an invasion of the religious right into the government disguised as a bill. Just like they are using the excuse of voter fraud to insure that they will be reelected. They have yet to give statistics on the amount of imaginary voter fraud in NC. We are being hoodwinked.


You've got to be joking! You people are way too sensitive! Don't these people have jobs/lives? Don't you have anything else better to do than block traffic? Abortion is wrong...ladies, do you not know what NO means? If you had more personal integrity you wouldn't be laying down for any guy that's says hello... Thus you wouldn't be having needless pregnancies!
The Marine

Poor Pat

I don't know who his day-to-day handlers are, they're helping him make himself look like an uncaring boar. The handlers should keep him under lock and key.



To be fair, acting all

To be fair, acting all nicey-nicey to a bunch of women you've just finished treating like child-like broodmares is pretty much of a joke already...

Wow, that's one major

Wow, that's one major "update" from the first story you wrote. Glad the revision doesn't make jokes the way the first one did.

It didn't look good when Marie Antoinette did it either.

No, ice cream wouldn't have been better received. While there's no evidence Marie Antoinette ever said "let them eat cake," history has created a narrative about how it helped get her guillotined. "Let them eat cookies" is insulting. McCrory is an embarrassment to the state.

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