Under the Dome

Colbert "tips his hat" to GOP legislature

NC got a little more publicity Monday night — this time on the "Colbert Report."

We should also note that host Stephen Colbert took a swipe at Charlotte, home to our sister paper saying: "As a proud son of South Carolina, I rarely have kind words for those barbarians to the North. I mean who makes barbecue sauce with vinegar? That's what you use to clean a toilet, and when I say toilet I mean Charlotte. But on the plus side their Republican-controlled state legislature is turning North Carolina into a conservative Shangri-La."

He then notes a few bills that did not pass (official state-religion and the nipple bill) before giving a Tip of the Hat to one that did: the gun rights bill that lets those with concealed carry permits take guns to bars, restaurants and playgrounds. He notes that guns on playgrounds can make the experience more fun, saying "Instead of Duck, Duck, Goose, you can just play Duck, Duck, DUCK!"

Gov. Pat McCrory signed the legislation on Monday.

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