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NAACP said GOP voter ID bill is still unconstitutional

The Rev William Barber, president of the state NAACP, accused House Speaker Thom Tillis of stooping “to a new moral low ground” by introducing a voter ID bill on the 45th anniversary of the assassination of civil rights leader Martin Luther King.

Barber rejected Tillis' suggestion that the bill was a compromise because it offers free voter IDS and birth certificates to those in financial need.

He said the costs of finding such documents as birth certificates will only be covered if the person was born in North Carolina.

.”Citizens born elsewhere will still have to shell out time and money to obtain their birth certificates,'' Barber said. “Birth certificates can cost up to $45 to obtain in some states. Moreover, nearly 20 states require people to provide a photo ID before the state will give a copy of a birth certificate. In some states, the wait time to get the birth certificate can be months, especially if you have to write away for it.''

“Any tax on any citizen who wants to vote - rich, poor, young, old, black, white or brown - is unconstitutional,'' Barber said. “In 1964, the United States passed the 24th Constitutional Amendment that outlawed $2 poll tax, and "any other taxes" to vote.  Whether or not someone can afford the poll tax is irrelevant. The bill is clearly unconstitutional.''


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Neither rain nor sleet nor dead of night will keep a candidate

I am not too worried about anyone not being able to vote. Those wishing to get elected will make sure their supporters have everything they need to be able to get to the polls and vote for them. Never fear the resourcefulness of our candidates of any party or persuasion. The candidates will meet any requirements that the legislature or Mother Nature puts in their path.

Neither rain nor sleet nor dead of night will keep a candidate from having his voters at the polls, on time and with all the necessary documents. And if necessary "something borrowed and something blue."

NAACP President Barber and his 'racial equality'

Inasmuch as Rev William Barber seems to be interested only in his version of ‘racial equality’ of ‘civil rights’, should it be ‘equitable’ for NAACP President Barber to ‘demand more racial equality’ in the college as well as professional sports of basketball and football.

On this issue, NAACP President Barber apparently wants anyone and everyone to walk into any and all political ‘polls’ at any and all times and he wishes the ‘polls’ to remain open almost endlessly, and vote as often and freely as he chooses; no checks for preventing ‘Voter fraud’.

Is President Barber’s position related only to enhance African Americans? If and when will President Barber, many others in the NAACP, and all others elsewhere, ever get over ‘racism’? Why do ‘bigoted’ individuals continue to practice ‘racism equality’ rather than ‘true equality’?

It appears NAACP President Barber continues to lead and practice his support of ‘Socialism’; all governments to provide all wants and needs to all the people, and all the time at taxpayers’ expense.

President Barber fails to understand the ‘facts’ under a Republic system of government that as the ‘Iron Lady’, Margaret Thatcher once said, ‘The problem with Socialism you eventually run out of other people’s money.’

Who pays Rev. Barber's health insurance?

does anyone know? does he have to pay extra for
morbid obesity ?

really, WHO pays his insurance ???

the 'church' or the NAA L CP ?

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