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First abortion bill of session filed

The first abortion bill of the session has been filed. Senate Bill 132 would require that students be taught that abortion can cause premature births in subsequent pregnancies.

Whether that’s true or not is a matter of some dispute among medical professionals, and a committee of the state Child Fatality Task Force heard from doctors on both sides in November. But it was one of the recommendations the full task force ultimately included in its list for legislators to consider the session.

The bill’s sponsors are Sen. Warren Daniel of Morganton, Sen. Jerry Tillman of Archdale, and Sen. Shirley Randleman of Wilkesboro, all Republicans.

The bill would require school health education include information about how pre-term births can be prevented, and include a statement that abortion is one cause.


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Time to Teach the Truth About Abortion and Prematurity

We teach in schools that smoking has implications for pregnancy, including preterm birth. Regarding the association of abortion with prematurity, it's not a matter of dispute. It is settled science that abortion is associated with a future preterm birth, especially very preterm birth. There are 125 studies which demonstrate the association of abortion and prematurity from over the last 20 years. There are 9 studies over the last 5 years, including two meta analyses, one which was published in the most esteemed British Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology.

The truth? The truth is that that the research to date demonstrates that there is a greater association of abortion with future very preterm birth than there is for smoking and a very preterm birth. The truth is that even leading obstetrical researchers in the preterm birth field, previously reluctant to ascribe any long term untoward effects to abortion, now openly state abortion is associated with preterm birth. This is from Dr. Jay Iams writing in the American Journal of Obstetrics & Gynecology, "Contrary to common belief, population-based studies have found that elective pregnancy terminations in the first and second trimesters are associated with a very small but apparently real increase in the risk of subsequent spontaneous pre-term birth." In commenting on the meta analysis published in his British Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Dr, Phil Steer, the journal's editor, stated, "We have known for a long time that repeated terminations, or traumatic procedures resulting in damage to the cervix, predispose to early delivery in a subsequent pregnancy. However the finding that even one termination can increase the risk of preterm birth means that we should continue to search for ways of making termination less traumatic."

With all due respect Dr. Steer, the public has not known for years that repeated terminations of pregnancy can predispose a woman to preterm birth. In fact, women have been assured for decades by obstetricians and abortion providers that abortion has no significant complications and absolutely no impact on the likelihood of a future preterm birth.

Prematurity is costly in terms of morbidity and mortality to families affected by it. Prematurity is also a significant cost to all who support the healthcare system. It is time that women and men who view abortion as a potential method of birth control are educated regarding the risk abortion poses to future pregnanices. It is time that the public is informed about what Dr. Steer claims we have all known for some time...that abortion is a critical factor in the prematurity epidemic.

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