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McCrory calls strategy memo shameful

On Fox News this morning, Gov. Pat McCrory expressed dismay that nonprofit groups in the state were trying to brand him after only six weeks in office.

McCrory was responding to a question about a Charlotte Observer article last week about a strategy memo that called for weakening Republican's ability to govern and used language like "eviscerate" and "cripple."

The leaked memo made news because it appeared to have come from Blueprint, an advocacy group that is a 501c3, a federal status that restricts political activity. The organization has said it was not responsible for writing or distributing the memo.

Fox and Friends host Brian Kilmeade appeared shocked at such tactics. McCrory, commenting on the memo publicly for the first time called it "shameful" and bemoaned that such tactics were being considered a time when he's "trying to bring together Republicans and Democrats and Independents to solve these very complex issues."

He said such tactics have to end and added that it's "exactly what we don't need in politics today."

It's worth noting that last year, McCrory was asked to cut his ties to a political consulting firm that had crafted a plan to link President Barack Obama to the incendiary comments of his former pastor Rev. Jeremiah Wright.

Brian Nick, who was McCrory's campaign strategist, and Fred Davis, the campaign's TV ad man, worked for Strategic Perception the consulting firm behind the Wright plan and were listed as members of the "team of pirates" who would put the plan into action.

When asked at the time by rival Walter Dalton, his Democratic rival for governor, to disavow the plan, McCrory's campaign declined to comment.

Nick is now a lobbyist, working for the law firm Moore & Van Allen.

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