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McCrory likes Puerto Rico, whatever you call it

Updated: Gov. Pat McCrory enthusiastically greeted Puerto Rico Gov. Alejandro Javier García Padilla on Sunday morning at the National Governors Association meeting in Washington by remarking what a great country Puerto Rico is -- then quickly recovered and said he knew it wasn't a country, according to a photographer standing nearby

Puerto Rico is an unincorporated territory of the United States, but is not a country or a state.

Press aide Ricky Diaz, who was also there, said it was a brief "lighthearted and private exchange between the two governors," and that McCrory knows Puerto Rico isn't a country.


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re: mccorkier an his puerto rico statement

fear not governor for come 2016 the voters of this state will surely show you an your admin to the door for you will be just as good old Bev was one an done. the voter of this state wil not stannd for what you an your republican colleages are currently doing to the average citizens of this state with your attacks upon the working poor an th middle class not to mention that the state employee an thioer family will surely assist in seeing to it that you are thrown out of office come 2016 for the attack that you an your kind have visted upon them in the public sector of state government thank you

give him a break

He's a liberal arts major, not a geographer.

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