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Democratic chairman decries GOP 'war on the poor'

Before the State of the State address, Democrats sought to link Gov. Pat McCrory, the de facto head of the state Republican Party, to the legislation the GOP is quickly moving through the legislature, such as measures to block health insurance coverage, curtail jobless benefits and eliminate a tax credit for low-income payers.

“This is a war on the poor and a war on the hardworking taxpayers of this state,” said Randy Voller, the chairman of the N.C. Democratic Party.

Voller put the pressure on McCrory to govern from a moderate stance amid Republican legislative proposals to universally fire Democratic members of state boards and revamp the tax code and make it more regressive. “The question becomes at what point does Gov. McCrory stand up to this radical reactionary legislature,” Voller said.


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It is time for people to quit expecting the government to support them. If moochers were off the government dole, the truly needy could be helped. I have no problem with helping people who cant help themselves. People who WON'T help themselves is another matter. I say McCrory is going to war FOR taxpayers who are sick and tired of paying our hard earned money for people who won't work to help themselves.

Too many fronts

The GOP is waging war on too many fronts. There is the war on the environment and the war on voting rights. Then there is the war on women and the war on the poor. There's the war on the coast and the war on education. The war on Rice Krispie Treats. Then the war on children and the war on UNC. Oh yes, they are a war with____________(fill in the blank.)

According to the media they are at war with everybody so how did they get any votes. If you do not fit into at least one category with whom the GOP is not warring then you are most likely not a resident of this planet.

War on children

If a war really is being waged on anyone, it is not the GOP's war on women, or on the poor. It is the dems' war on all of our children. By stealing their credit we are comdemning them to a life with a far lower standard of living than we enjoyed.

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