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Morning Roundup: Sen. Berger repeats Obamacare myth, lawsuit says Blue Cross/Shield colluded, DMV blackout

Senate President Pro Team Phil Berger's campaign website perpetuates one of the bigger myths of the Affordable Care Act: that the government is coming to get your health records.

A lawsuit accuses Blue Cross plans nationwide of driving up health-care costs by illegally carving up the nation's insurance market. It's an issue North Carolina's General Assembly has tried to deal with going back several years.

The state's DMV headquarters on New Bern Avenue has been in the dark -- really -- since a short circuit Thursday morning caused an outage . Repairs should be completed over the weekend.

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Keep it up Berger

As Lenin said, "A lie told often enough becomes the truth"

Coming to get your healthcare records? Don't be silly.

You go into an IRS audit. They ask about all these doctor bills you have deducted. So what do you do? You produce the records so that they can see if the expense is proper. If the government has drones then they are probably smart enough to get into your medical records. Although I really don't think they are that interested too much.

But while on the subject, could the N&O tell us once and for all time what exactly the result of Obamacare will be? I keep hearing different government agencies coming out with conflicting reports. So if the N&O knows what is a myth and what is not a myth, give us readers the heads up cause many of us still have questions.

Let us know which are the myths. For example, if a Republican makes a comment about Obamacare does that qualify the info as being a myth. Likewise, if a Dem makes a comment about Obamacare do those comments automatically go into the New Testament?

Thanks so much.

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