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McCrory's communications director leaving already

Less than a month into his administration, North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory is watching the departure of a key staffer, The Charlotte Observer's Jim Morrill reports Saturday.

Chris Walker, the governor's communications director, said Saturday he's leaving to return to his family in Nashville. He blamed the decision on the inability to sell his house in Tennessee as well as the pending arrival in April of his second child.

"This is just an unfortunate logistical challenge," Walker said. "Thankfully the governor was very understanding."

Walker said he'd remain in Raleigh while McCrory searches for a replacement. He intends to go back to consulting.


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McCrory needs to hire staffers from the newspaper

As I recall Bev hired staffers from the N&O and the CO. That might be just the ticket for McCrory.

Despite the spin, this spells trouble from -- and for -- McCrory

This is a big deal, despite the spokesman's self-deprecating, noncredible spin.

The communications director is one of the handful of top daily advisers to the governor. Something went badly wrong.

My money says McCrory impossible to work for: causes crisis after crisis, committing continual unforced errors, and then has the nerve to blame his press guy.

Also sounds like he must have a weak chief of staff, what's his name.

Is McCrory nothing more than the GOP's Bev Perdue? If so, God help us.


Your post makes no sense. That unfortunate word choice was a direct quote from the subject of the post. Who are you ranting at?

What a gutless post

Word choice, bro. What if I said the N&O had to hide its content behind a paywall b/c of its "inability to provide desirable content through its traditional business model. It blamed the decision on changes in market forces." Your unfortunate word choice needs to try a little harder to hide your biases.

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