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UNC president responds to McCrory radio remarks

UNC President Tom Ross responded to Gov. Pat McCrory's provocative comments today about the creation of a university funding model based on how many UNC graduates get jobs.

Ross said the quality of a UNC's value to North Carolina "should not be measured by jobs filled alone."

McCrory's comments have drawn a strong reaction from faculty, who said the governor's focus on education as job training is misplaced. The best preparation for a complex and changing world is a liberal arts education, many argued. McCrory's remarks came during a radio interview with Bill Bennett in which he took aim at gender studies, philosophy and African language courses.

In a statement released to the media, Ross said the university would work with McCrory and the Republican-led legislature "to ensure North Carolina has the strong talent pool needed to fill the jobs of today and tomorrow, some of which haven’t yet been invented. Our campuses are committed to academic quality and to graduating students who are adaptable, creative, innovative, and equipped to succeed in the workforce and to conduct the cutting-edge research that enables North Carolina to develop, attract, and retain industry, businesses, and good-paying jobs.

"Of course, we understand that state resources are limited and agree that there must be many pathways to jobs in the modern economy. We are completing a Strategic Plan that involved business leaders from across the state, the president of the Community College System, and legislators in our efforts to set degree attainment goals for our state that are responsive to the talent needs of the future economy. UNC is already transitioning from a campus funding model focused solely on enrollment changes to a model that considers campus performance on key measures related to student success and academic and operational efficiencies. We believe this funding model sets the right direction for our University and our state.

"The University’s value to North Carolina should not be measured by jobs filled alone. Our three-part mission of teaching, research, and public service requires that we prepare students with the talent and abilities to succeed in the workforce, because talent will be the key to economic growth. We must also continue to serve the state through our agricultural and industrial extension programs, our Small Business and Technology Development Centers, our Area Health Education Centers, and through the many other ways our faculty and students are engaged in our communities. Higher education plays a key role in ensuring a higher quality of life for all North Carolinians."


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Taxpayer funded universities should reject no state resident. That is discrimination. Each citizen of this state should have equal access to the university system.

Rejected you, did they?

Ah well, there's always Catawba College. They'll let anyone in.

UNC is outta control, has been for decades!

the salaries and the whole mess just stinks to high heaven!

UNC has to be THE MOST CORRUPT public university in America!

CUT ! CUT ! CUT !!!

Destroying Higher Education

Governor Pat- I voted for you, but deeply regret it, given your plans to destroy the State’s University system. I am a scientist, but would be a poor one without the benefit of many of the courses you wish to abolish. Critical thinking requires knowledge from a wide variety of disciplines, the ability to critique and consolidate information, and, most importantly, the ability to express conclusions in concise oral and written format. How will we teach people to read and write (since secondary schools no longer do that) if we eliminate all of the courses requiring writing, especially those requiring condensation of assimilated facts into an understandable report? Why are NC employers now complaining that our college graduates cannot condense notes and write memos or give a presentation to a group? I do not want a lawyer representing me who never took public speaking, or a psychologist analyzing me who knows nothing about gender, cultural, or racial differences. What about counting training for graduate degrees in your numerical evaluation of universities, or do we no longer want doctors, lawyers, college professors, psychologists, astronomers, and engineers? Please consider rethinking your position to address some of the above comments before irreparable damage is done.

Women/Gender studies

I don't think McCrory said no one would be able to get a job by taking Women Studies courses. The emphasis needs to be placed on practical courses and probably more money to the Community Colleges who do train people for jobs. If you want to go to a University to take Women's Studies, or any number of other courses, then don't hold your hand out to the taxpayer to help pay. We're getting little benefit from the broadening of your horizons.

Well said kmwatkins

And thank you for saying it.


Hey, I am also a recent graduate of UNC. I was a psychology major. Congrats on law school. Though I value my liberal arts education, I have to say that I agree with McCrory's stance. Performance should be somewhat measured by jobs.

cost per degree

this was already debunked on an earlier thread.

The TBJ's numbers are suspect.

What a RADICAL approach

Really interesting that when a conservative makes a statement that is a bit provocative, the liberal media jumps all over it and there are reams and reams of written outrage. The same type of comment (Joe Biden, Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, fill in the blank) can make a statement that violates the constiution or the values and virtues that created this great country and it is "Forward" thinking.
Governor McCrory did NOT talk about eliminating elections so that a ruling party can continue their mayhem. He proposed a performance based approach and evaluation of benefits. No where in the comments did he say that a "BUTT" had to find a job in private sector. If someone completes a liberal arts program and chooses to continue their education and then teach, do research, whatever, then they have a JOB. But if their degree is in "whatever they could pull together based on the eclectic course load" and they have tons of student debt and have to move back in with Mom and Dad, then one DOES wonder about the cost benefits of "Fill in the blank" degree.

Jay Leno quipped last night that the average cost of raising a child was $275,000. Now if you add in the cost of a state funded (not private) degree, that add in another $125, the parents have laid out $400,000. BUT the real cost is how much it costs when they come home and live there for the next 10 years.

There is no reason to get bent out of shape. All the Art Pope bashers need to understand that he give MORE $$'s to UNC than does any other North Carolinian. Look at the departments, the buildings, the whatever that carry his name or were funded by him.

UNC does have a major black eye now. Maybe Pat was a little harsh in his comments, but if you look at the costs per DEGREE at UNC-CH, it is, according to the Triange Business Journal, about 75% HIGHER than the 17 university average. UNC's cost per degree is $115376. This is over 73% higher than the system average of $66,542. NCSU is $59,408 or about 11% less.

UNC gets the lion's share of the total funding to the consolidated University system. Reviewing how that is spent and the benefit to NC is certainly in order.

The MORE that folks scream and shout about how marvelous UNC-CH is and how much "unmeasured" benefit that the state gets does make folks wonder what is being hidden and how much of this is smoke and mirrors.

comments for cretins

Yee haw, Gov. McCrory.

Yee haw.

Shame on you.


As a recent graduate from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, majoring in Women's Studies I would love to share with him that after entering the program, taking the courses, and interning for a local family law attorney in Chapel Hill, that I applied, and was accepted to one of the nation's top law schools. I intend on using my undergraduate foundational knowledge from UNC-CH's WGS department, as well as the legal knowledge I gain to champion policy and legislative changes that address the very issues discussed, debated, researched, and presented in these departments.

McCrory wants someone who is going to get a job from these departments and programs that I took advantage of and prospered in? You're looking at her. I would not be where I am today without the phenomenal courses and professors that make up the Women's Studies department at UNC-CH.

I, for one, think that Mr. McCrory could benefit from our WGS 101 course here at UNC. Better yet, I think everyone could.

McCrory and UNC

What a consciously outrageous statement by our new governor and his crazed Tea Party/ALEC administration!

Would he turn our proudest public university into a vocational school and sports factory?

What gallery is he playing to? The Carolina Cretins?

Jesse Helms is long gone to his reward. Is the governor planning an exhumation?

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