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McCrory discloses staff salaries

Republican Gov. Pat McCrory has released the salary figures for his key personal staff, which he hopes will be lower than his Democratic predecessor, Bev Perdue when he is through hiring.

Thomas Stith, McCrory's chief of staff, is being paid $151,000 per year compared to Britt Cobb, Perdue's chief of staff, who was paid $164,572.

Policy advisor Tony Almeida is making $135,000, less than the $155,848 made by his Democratic predecessor, Don Hobart.

Chris Walker, the governor's communications director, makes $139,000, three thousand more than his Democratic predecessor, Pearse Edwards, who actually had the title of senior advisor and also handled scheduling and external affairs.

Press secretary Crystal Feldman makes $78,000, about the same as her Democratic predecessor. Ricky Diaz, the deputy communications director, makes $62,000, less than Mark Johnson, who was paid $81,000.

Other top salaries on McCrory's staff went to Robert Stephens($139,000) his chief legal counsel, , Fred Steen($126,000) his legislative counsel, Charles Duckett ($105,000) his director of boards and commissions.

Other higher salaries include John Nicholson($91,080) special advisor; Blannie Cheng($85,500), a deputy advisor on jobs; Judy Jefferson,($85,000) director of community and citizens savings; Faye Stone($79,573), deputy executive director, Lisa Frazier($78,000), the governor's executive assistant; David Gaydeski($76,912), the executive chef; and Heather Dickson($70,000) executive assistant to the First Lady.

At this point, McCrory's staff is much smaller with 37 people, but he is still in the process of hiring. In February 2009, Perdue had a staff of 70. In Sept. 2008, Gov. Mike Easley had a staff of 67.

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