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Kay Hagan's seat ranks as 'lean Democrat'

The Rothenberg Political Report ranks U.S. Sen. Kay Hagan's seat leans Democrat in the first 2014 Senate election ratings. The report -- a leading Washington handicapper -- says: "Given the GOP's recent victories in the state, Hagan is almost guaranteed a serious challenge"

A dozen seats are safe for each party. Of the nine competitive seats, three lean Democrat and one is favored Democrat. Three more tilt Democrat.

Republicans are favored in two but only one seat leans Republican. And one -- South Dakota -- is a pure toss up.

The Washington Post's political prognosticators rank the race No. 4 on their list of most competitive Senate seats. The writeup: "A recent poll from Democratic-leaning automated pollster Public Policy Polling shows Democratic Sen. Kay Hagan’s approval rating is underwater, but she nonetheless leads potential GOP competitors. If Republicans can find the right candidate, Hagan will face a tough road to reelection."


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I agree that Sen. Hagan

I agree that Sen. Hagan might be re-elected. He's a good public official. Sam of

She's tired and we're tired of Hagan

I wouldnt make such outlandish 'predictions' there Marshall...people have HAD IT with criminal NC democrats who've sold us out for decades.

Kay Hagan will be re-elected in 2014

Sen. Hagan will be re-elected.
Democrats in North Carolina are prepareing for a big fight. Even if one does not come. (not likely).

Democrats missed the mark on State offices and now a great many North Carolinians, Democrats and Republicans, especially the poor, are already beginning to paying the price. Many poor and helpless in our state will likely be crushed by the new NC Republican legislature.

Democrats in North Carolina will not miss that mark again.
We will have you back Kay. There is no way you are coming home so soon.

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