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Groups urge McCrory to expand Medicaid

Seventy-three groups, from AARP North Carolina to YWCA Central Carolinas, sent a note to Gov. Pat McCrory asking him to expand Medicaid as allowed under the federal health care law.

About 500,000 people would be added to the Medicaid rolls, with the federal government paying all the costs for almost all the new people for the first three years. About 1.5 million North Carolinians are enrolled in Medicaid now, with the state and federal governments sharing the costs.

Lots of health associations among the letter's endorsers, including the American Heart Association and the American Diabetes Association.

Community health centers and clinics signed the note, but hospitals, which would lose-out big if the state does not expand Medicaid, aren't that well represented. Duke University Health Systems signed on, but no UNC Health Care or WakeMed.


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Expanding Medicaid

the state legislators just voted for a law to stop each county from paying their share of medicaid they where screaming high way robbery from the little amount each county had to pay, The federal goverment will help start the program then hand the bill to the nc tax payers in millions of dollars ,[NC TAX PAYERS WILL PAY THE BILL] FAMILY DOCTORS DO NOT WANT TO ACCEPT MEDICADE FOR PAYMENT IT PAYS SO LITTLE ,[MAYBE WEALTHY MEN WORKING AT WEALTHY MEN HOSPTIALS ITS DIFFERENT I DO NOT KNOW ]But i do no the nc tax payers do not want to be burden with millions of new dollars in medicade helth care and welfare

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