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State receives $74 million federal grant for health insurance exchange

The state has received a $74 million federal grant to set up an online marketplace for health insurance, a key component of the new federal health care law.

The internet insurance mall would be for small businesses or individuals not insured through their jobs. The money would be used for getting guts of the system ready.

According to the grant application the state Department of Insurance submitted last year, more than half the money would be used by the state Department of Health and Human Services to link the software that creates the website to an existing software program called NC FAST, which is used by DHHS and county social services departments.

Gov. Pat McCrory has not said how he wants the state to approach the health care law - whether he wants the state to run its own exchange, whether the state will run it with the federal government, or if North Carolina will tell the U.S. government to do all the work.

Senate leader Phil Berger said Wednesday he did not want a state or state-federal exchange.


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Does it matter?

Why does it matter where they put it? Whether you "INFORM THE PEOPLE" or not, the SCOTUS
has ruled the ACA constitutional. THE PEOPLE
may as well face the fact it is here. McCrory
can refuse the grant money,however, that will
only lead to the federal government running the
program. Is that what you want?


WHY do you have to HIDE THIS - under "Projects" - or "Blogs"?
INFORM the People!

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