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Tillis opens N.C. House session with right-to-work pledge

House Speaker Thom Tillis pledged to keep North Carolina a union-free state in his opening address at the legislature Wednesday.

The Cornelius Republican said the Republicans in the super-majority "will continue to be the least unionized state in the United States," spurring applause from Republicans and blank looks from Democrats.

Tillis started his remarks after formally being sworn-in as speaker telling Democrats "we will work together and at times that we disagree we will ensure civil respective discourse." But he soon outlined his vision for the state, saying lawmakers need to consider overhauling the state's education system by giving teachers more flexibility, revamping the tax code and cutting regulations. "Regulatory reform is truly the key ... to job creation and economic development," he said.

In an interview afterward, Tillis acknowledged he is interested in putting a so-called right-to-work provision against collective bargaining in the state constitution. "We want businesses in North Carolina make no mistake about it -- we will continue to be a right-to-work state," he said.


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Right to work........for less

When the Republicans say "Right to Work", what they are really saying is "Right to Work for less".
The fact is that Unions built the middle class in America while those states who considered themselves "Right to Work states" languished as the rest of the country prospered and individual incomes and standards of living rose.
America owes a great deal to our having strong unions. They stood up for the worker in the states where they organized while workers in places like North Carolina were being crushed. North Carolina's poverty level is a testament to past and present Republican handiwork.
I fear we in North Carolina will never learn that government is our servant, not our master.

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