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Liberal groups swear-in Art Pope as "shadow governor"

While Pat McCrory was being sworn in as governor, several liberal groups were outside holding a fake "Shadow Governor's Coronation" of Art Pope as "shadow governor.
Pope, the Raleigh retail executive and major GOP donor, was sworn in Saturday as McCrory's budget director.
The groups, the Student Power Union, Progress N.C., NC State AFL-CIO, had a Pope-look alike take take a fake oath swearing on a copy of Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugged.
"I, Art Pope, do solemnly swear, to uphold the values of the 1 percent, the Tear Party, the plutocrats, the Koch Brothers, and the oligarchs,'' was the opening line of the oath.
The group maintains that Pope and his family and his various entities contributed $600,000 to McCrory.


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Good politics

It will be good for the governor if Art can take some of the vitriol away from McCrory.

Who made the homemade................

..........Rice Krispies Treats that were served with the Kool-Aid? These ceremonies can be rather stiff but homemade goodies somehow make it better.

What a bunch of ...

hypocrites! They obviously don't know Art. Although there are many times that I don't agree with him, he has ALWAYS been willing to hear views from the other side. He has ALWAYS been a gentleman. But he does NOT always agree with my point of view. And he's ALWAYS willing to put his money where his mouth is. So what? Isn't that the USA (and NC) that we want? Each of us able to have our own opinions, and to argue for them; YOU can as well.

Is this the face of paranoia?

I do believe anyone so insecure and so misled to think this behavior makes sense is no better than that strange 'church' group who crashes funerals.

The display is a head shaker moment.

Sadly ridiculous...

These people should take this bitter energy and turn it into more productive outlets. I'm sure they are the first to condemn similar events by tea party and republican people.

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