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McCrory's cabinet doesn't meet his bipartisan claims

Naming his final picks for cabinet last week, Republican Gov.-elect Pat McCrory said he met his campaign pledge to assemble a bipartisan team.

“We have filled all eight of my cabinet secretary positions with a diverse bipartisan group representing all portions of North Carolina,” he said. “Half of which are Republican and half which are either Democrats or Independent.”

A spokesman for McCrory said the new governor was referring to their voter registration.

Here’s the partisan cabinet breakdown provided by McCrory’s team. Four Republicans: Aldona Wos, Kieran Shanahan, Bill Daughtridge and Lyons Gray. One Democrat: Susan Kluttz. And three independents: Tony Tata, Sharon Decker and John Skvarla.

But a review of campaign finance records and public statements suggests his cabinet is far from bipartisan.

The finance records show independents Decker and Skvlarla gave more campaign money to Republicans than Democrats.

Decker has given $2,500 to Republicans and $600 to Democrats at the state level since 1996 but hasn’t donated to either party since 2007 when she gave $100 to the Rutherford County Democratic Party, in her home county. Interestingly, Decker’s other Democratic contributions are to McCrory’s former opponent, Walter Dalton. The two lives in Rutherfordton. She gave $250 to his campaigns for state Senate in 2002 and 2004.

Skvarla is a significant GOP donor, donating $18,000 since 2006 – all to Republicans, including $4,000 to McCrory’s 2012 campaign, according to state reports. He has never donated to Democratic candidates at the state level.

Records suggest that Tata hasn’t made any state political contributions, but his political leanings are visible in a review of former vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin’s book. Tata wrote that Palin was far more qualified to be president than President Barack Obama.

In a separate 2009 post on, the website owned by the late conservative publisher Andrew Breitbart, Tata wrote about the Democratic president: “Bit by bit, after 18 months Americans are seeing the real Obama: an aloof Ivy League intellectual with tremendous contempt for the people he allegedly serves.

“In addition to his demonstration of genuine contempt for the American people with his callous comment and his dismissive attitude toward our most seasoned defense professionals, the president actually never discusses victory or winning because he doesn’t believe we can win,” he continued. “For every war fighter in harm’s way right now, our president has communicated, ’’Better you than me, buddy.’ ”


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News flash:

Take your pathetic partisan excuses elsewhere. This state of full of people who are disgusted by the Republican's belieft that they can justify unethical behavior "because the Democrats did it, too." THAT DOESN'T MAKE IT RIGHT. In fact, it makes it worse. Incredibly childish of you and your party to divide the state into them vs. us and think that excuse is valid. Shame on you for making excuses for bad behavior, period, and shame on the Republicans for promising a more ethical government and then descending to the Democrat's level -- and lower-- in record time. It's absolutely disgusting. Pigs at the trough.


The N&O could have done honest reporting about Bev's misdirected claims as well, but they didn't.

This bias paper will continue to try to denigrate McCrory and his administration, it's a given. It's what they do.


McCrory *could* stop saying things that just aren't true and then the N&O would not have to call him out on it. If he wants to stack his cabinet with people that are on his side of the aisle, or even rightwing wackjobs, fine -- that's his right. But when he does that, he should not go around claiming they are a "bipartisan team."

You seem to have missed the entire point of the article, including the headline.

And how many Republicans and

And how many Republicans and independents served in the administration of Democratic Governors Perdue and Easley?

The McCrory administration has been in office less than 24 hours, and the hypocritical double standards of the News and Observer's are already evident, as the N&O tries to undermine the simple truth that only four out of eight of McCrory's cabinet members are Republican.

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