Under the Dome

No white smoke from Gov. Perdue's office today

The lame-duck governor watch sits at 11* days. But no white smoke from Gov. Bev Perdue's office is expected Wednesday, a spokesman said.

A huge pile of big decisions still sits on the Democratic governor's desk. Among them: a formal lease with the city of Raleigh for the Dix property; appoint a N.C. Court of Appeals judge; take action on the Wilmington 10 pardon request; and review dozens of other pardon rquests.

*Former N.C. Supreme Court Justice Bob Orr doesn't agree with our count. "Governor Perdue's term ends in 5 days not 11," he wrote to Dome. "Governor-elect McCrory's term begins per the NC Constitution on January 1 whether he takes the oath of office then or not."

Orr's argument is one we've detailed before. But it's not traditional practice and it hasn't been challenged in the past. Tradition usually puts the new governor in office much later. McCrory's actually getting sworn in a week before his inauguration.

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