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New York Times editorial board calls on Gov. Perdue to pardon Wilmington 10

Gov. Bev Perdue's looming decision about whether to pardon the Wilmington 10 is getting more national attention. A New York Times editorial called on the outgoing Democratic governor to "finally" pardon the group who became an international symbol in the civil rights movement after being wrongly convicted for a fire during a racial disturbance in Wilmington 40 years ago.

The Sunday editorial noted the newly discovered documents from the prosecutor that suggest he racially profiled potential jurors.

"Anger over this case has continued to fester in the black community. At a 40th anniversary commemoration last year in Wilmington, civil rights leaders rightly decided that the wrongly convicted warranted a pardon from Ms. Perdue. By providing it, she can finally bring a close to one of the more shameful episodes in North Carolina history," the editorial concludes.


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Pardon me. Is that the Chattanooga choo choo?

Bev might as well issue the pardon. I think she has been a complete train wreck so might as well go ahead and take up the rails as well.

Perdue's legacy

Bev Perdue will go down as one of the worst governors in North Carolina history. Her decision on the Wilmington 10 will be a mere footnote one way or the other.


Gov Bevvie's legacy is already set.... the most corrupt administration of the past 100 years.
Innocent? so the fire must have been spontaneous combustion then....and the riots and shots...just someones imagination. What a load. They found some hand written notes from some of the prosecutors or their staff suggesting they tried to keep blacks off the jury? Given the racial problems of the time I expect they felt that they had no change of a conviction if the didn't. Call that racist if you want but given the times I expect that it was realistic.

Perdue's Legacy & the Wilmington 10

Governor Perdue's legacy will be shaped by her decision on the Wilmington 10. If she grants the pardon of innocence, Perdue will be hailed as a champion of the New South. If she denies it, she will be relegated to the dust bin of history along with Jim Crow.

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