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Carter Wrenn on Art Pope & "pay to play"

Here's Carter Wrenn's take on the crowning of Art Pope as Gov.-elect Pat McCrory's budget chief. This from Friday's post in the Talking About Politics blog he shares with Gary Pearce:

"Pat McCrory called reporters down to the Albemarle building for a press conference and said two words and near about gave liberals from Murphy to Manteo apoplexy.

"He said, Art Pope.

"And five minutes later ole Chris Fitzsimmons was howling on Twitter, The Pope Administration begins...and about an hour later the Democratic Party 'Tweeted,' claiming Pat McCrory appointing Art Pope Budget Director was pure 'pay to play.'

"Now there's no doubt Art Pope is serious about Republican politics, but he's also unfailingly polite and, more to the point, when it comes to 'pay to play' he may be the most innocent man in North Carolina.

"After all, can anyone name one single government subsidy, one appropriation, or one government contract Art Pope's ever sought? He's even serving as Budget Director for free. So how on earth can the Democrats howl his appointment is 'pay to play?'

"The real reason the Democrats are having apoplexy isn't that they'd developed a sudden abhorrence to 'pay to play' politics - it's that Art Pope is dead serious about cutting government spending."


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How smart? Well, Wren knows

How smart? Well, Wren knows they are smart enough to read through moronic liberal nonsense--like yours for instance--and conclude that Art Pope is a smart and successful businessman who has a lot to offer our State especially in the areas of budget management and discipline.

Sure, Pope supports conservative causes and organizations. So? No one is trying to deny that; why would they? It is not exactly a secret that the Pope name is attached to the Civitas Institute. Conservative values are what will turn our State around and get us heading in the right direction again. .

Pope paid, now he is playing

Over the years, Art Pope has paid millions of dollars for an opportunity to assassinate state government, public education, the university system, the prison system and our system of community colleges. Carter Wrenn has opened his PR campaign to protect Pope from the glare of public opinion. Carter, it won't work. Pope is perfidious.

The Mayan End of the World

I think liberals believe that Art Pope's appointment is the event that the Mayans were talking about that would end the world. Art's appointment will probably result in increased sales of blood pressure medication among our liberal brethren. What is so perplexing is how the Mayans knew all this way back when. Did they have dollar stores? Did they found dollars stores? That is the bigger question.

Just how stupid does Carter Wrenn think his readers are?

When Carter Wrenn says about Art Pope, "when it comes to 'pay to play' he may be the most innocent man in North Carolina," he is going too far. The next thing Wrenn will publish will be to tell us that down is up and up is down - or two plus two equals five. Wrenn is deliberately ignoring the massive amount of money - now known to be "millions" of dollars - that Art Pope has contributed to Republican candidates and ultra-conservative political action committees he has set up over the years. Wrenn is deliberately ignoring the fact that Pope felt compelled to resign his positions on the boards of Civitas and Civitas Action that are nothing more than right-wing propaganda mills disguised as charitable organizations that Pope has funded with millions of dollars. Just how stupid does Carter Wrenn think his readers are?

I'd say those were more like simple talking points...

... made up by the very simple people at Americans for Prosperity.

North Carolinians may have given the Republican Party a chance to rule, but I assure you that their idea of good government does not include wasting millions in taxpayer money passing intrusive religion-based social legislation, or filing bills hand-crafted by corporate lobbyists, or completely ignoring the issues of economic development and creating jobs.

Another news flash: if you want to be the party of good ethics, you should probably practice good ethics. The NC GOP has racked up ethical scandals and broken every ethical promise they made in record time.

Enjoy your stint as a rightwing lapdog, delta. Your days are numbered. You guys are screwing the pooch in record time. You may have to find a real job one day soon. It's actually quite entertaining.

his father started the

his father started the company, Variety Wholesalers and died in 2006, "John Pope", how else do you define the fact that he is now 'chairman' of the company his daddy started? last i checked, that looked an awful lot like 'an inheritance'.

Another Simple Truth

Another simple truth, Art Pope did not inherit his money or share of the family business. Even the Jane Mayer New Yorker hit piece acknowledged that. But that does not stop the local left wing bloggers using it as another false propaganda point.

I also enjoyed reading another one of my favorite left wing propaganda points. If the government does not tax 100% of your money, then the part of your own money that the government lets you keep, is a government a subsidy!

Pope is subsidized by tax cuts!

Art Pope has moved heaven and earth to get into position to cut the state budget to death - so he can realize his dream of eliminating state income taxes. Pope and his ilk get a lot of pay from government in the form of tax cuts, loopholes and shelters - lavish gifts from the US taxpayer to undeserving billionaires. McCrory made the biggest mistake of his political life by appointing Pope, who will be the biggest albatross hanging the necks of every Republican radical in North Carolina.

Best politicians

NC has the best politicians that Art Pope's inherited money can buy.

How about simple truths.

Where to start? How about simple truths.

Such as Art Pope won four out of five elections he ran for , including his “last bid for election,” when he was elected to the NC House in 2000, from a Democratic leaning district in Wake County.

How about the truth that the liberal progressive double team of the Reynolds Foundation (run by former Democratic Senator Leslie Winner) and the Fletcher Foundation (run by WRAL media mogul Jim Goodmon), spend millions MORE a year in support of their policies, than the Pope Foundation does for conservative policies.

How about the truth that it was the Democrats, including “Temporary Tax” Perdue, who were raising taxes on everyone, including the “regressive” sales tax increases, that Pope voted against as a Legislator.

How about the truth that before this year, the Democratic Party and its donors spent millions of dollars more every year on their candidates, yet it is supposed to be
Pope and the Republicans who “bought the state” in 2010 when Republicans got a majority of the vote, despite being outspent by the Democrats and labor unions.

How about the simple truth that after over a hundred years of corruption and misrule by the Democratic Party in North Carolina, the people voted two elections in a row to give the Republicans a chance to clean up the NC Democratic Party mess.

Carter Wren's rhetoric is pathetic

Not to mentioned so hackneyed, it about put me back to sleep. Art Pope did indeed buy his appointment. Having lost his last bid for elected office, his ego could not risk another public run. So he poured millions into buying the policies he wanted and waited for the one office he wanted the most -- and the right person to give it to him. Now that Pope has control over our state's budget, you better believe he'll impose an extremely limited view of government on us all, without the least concern for those whose lives are plunged into chaos, poverty and abysmal education opportunities because of it. Why? Because he's after one thing in the end and one thing only: no business taxes.

As the GOP gathers to sing the praises of eliminating corporate and other business taxes, you better believe the limited government enthusiasts will be working hand-in-hand with them. Neither position can succeed without the other. And when Pope successfully achieves both drastic changes in NC's policies, he will have paid himself back a hundred times over for the millions he used ti buy politicans in this state. Not a bad return on his money, really. It's just too bad the rest of us have to pay.

The NC Republican Party will come to rue the day they threw their lot in with the far right. Just as it is happening on the national level, a few years of their extremist governing and it will be the end of them for a hundred years mote, maybe even forever. Good riddance. Their selfishness and greed is appalling.

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