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Group says arm the teachers

Here’s one response to the Connecticut school–shootings tragedy.

The state’s main pro-gun group, Grass Roots North Carolina, said Tuesday it will push for a law arming teachers.

The organization says as soon as the General Assembly convenes next month it will seek legislation that would allow teachers and others with concealed handgun permits to pack heat in the classroom.

In a news release, Grass Roots North Carolina president Paul Valone sent out announcing the plan, he uses the oft-cited retort to gun control that gun-free school zones are actually contributing to school killings.

He cites several statistics to support that contention, and concludes with researcher John R. Lott’s finding that, with the exception of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords' attack, “every public shooting since at least 1950 in the U.S. in which more than three people have been killed has taken place where citizens are not allowed to carry guns.”

The Washington Post’s fact-checker Glenn Kessler wrote on Tuesday: “But Lott’s conclusions are controversial – and other academics have criticized his work as either simplistic or subject to empirical errors.”

A 2004 report by a committee of the National Research Council of the National Academies concluded no link between right-to-carry laws and changes in crime can be determined.

Lott told the Post that most academic research supports his findings.

Kessler concludes: "It appears such laws have not increased the crime rate, as opponents had feared, but it is equally a stretch to say such laws are a slam-dunk reason for why crimes have decreased."

Update: Here's a link to Kessler's piece. Judge for yourself:


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Arming teachers

While arming teachers may improve their chances to get salaries worthy of their work, a better idea would be to put all the Grass Roots NC members in a classroom, lock the door, and throw away the key.
What a bunch of kooks.


The response to the German demand for American surrender at Bastogne during the Battle of the Bulge, stated by General Tony McAuliffe, was "Nuts!"

I hope there are a few sane people left in charge in Raleigh who will make that reply to the demand to arm teachers and staff in our schools.


WTF2009 - Are you suggesting that an armed teacher in a school would be the same as a cop on the street when it comes to protection? Talk about stupid things that make no sense. Or were you being sarcastic and I just missed it? Please tell me you were being sarcastic.

If having cops in the street protects us,

why not just have a cop in the school? I'd rather have teachers just focused on teaching. You're right that it is hard to have a good argument with someone that is only able to bring up stupd things that make no sense. Like arming teachers in schools - makes no sense at all.


It is hard to have a good argument with someone when all they seem to be able to do is bring up stupid things that make no sense. We have cops in street to protect us.....why not people to protect our children when they are in school?

Arming Teachers

It is a good idea on the drawing board but in order to stand up to someone in a gunfight you need the proper training. Standing still and shooting at a target that is not moving is not training it's suicide. If they are serious they need to get involved in IDPA.....which will teach them how to reload, find cover, count rounds and how to shoot while moving. If they have to do this then chances are they will stand a better chance should their shooting skills come into play.

Join us

More guns won't help!

Join us:!/OneMillionMomsForGunControlRaleighNcChapter

And don't forget to arm the bus drivers

that way we can fight back with drive-by shootings!

My God!

Has North Carolina now become a hotbed for lunacy? We have a state legislature which proposes concealed carry rights for bars, restaurants and sporting events and now this nut-case group advocating guns in schools.

Why stop with teachers?

Wouldn't it make even more sense to require administrators, janitors, lunch room workers, coaches, PTA members and students to be armed as well?   And along with the wall cabinets of fire extinguishers and  defibrillators, let's have wall cabinets filled with loaded guns - just break the glass and blast away!  What a fabulous idea!    Maybe we could even replace recess with target practice?  Gotta love this plan!


You people seriously want to arm teachers? What if no teachers in a particular school feel comfortable with a gun? Will you then blame those teachers should a Newtown, Columbine, Dunblane type massacre occur?

How's that blood on your hands, Paul?

People like you -- who spread the use of guns and put your insane desire to arm the world ahead of every other priority, including public safety -- are responsible for the deaths of those children and teachers in Connecticut, period.    

more guns = more death

By Grassroots NC's theory, Adam Lanza's mother should have been one of the safest people in the world.


You edited the name, but not your anti-gun agenda.

I have edited your

I have edited your organization's name in this blog post.

Arming faculty

First, it would be nice if the N&O, after 18 years of our dominance of the gun issue, got the name of the organization right: It is "Grass Roots North Carolina."

Second, I hope readers will notice that neither the N&O nor the critics they cite (typically anti-gun activists) can name a single thing that John R. Lott, William Landes, or the many researchers who have replicated their findings have done methodologically wrong. Instead, opponents cast vague aspersions.

Grass Roots North Carolina seeks RATIONAL public policy which will actually do something to reduce homicide. To that effect, we were instrumental in drafting North Carolina's original concealed handgun law -- after which homicide dropped drastically -- and many successful laws empowering North Carolinians to protect themselves since then.

The "Gun Free" School Zones Act of 1996 has produced a 5-fold increase in school homicide. We intend to reverse that.

F. Paul Valone
President, Grass Roots North Carolina

Arming Faculty

My wife is a Wake School employee. The only defense for school employees and students is to hide. My wife is told to lock herself and her employees up. There is armed security (Resourse Officer) in the High School.

Schools are too accessible. I know where to find the resource officer - and I'm not the 'bad guy' - it is too easy to walk in to a (locked) school and cause harm to MANY unarmed people. Especially if you first went after the 'resource officer'.

By creating a "gunfree zone", you make a shooting gallery for these cowards that take advantage of them. When confronted by someone that is armed, they have shown their cowardice.

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