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Pearce: Give Art Pope credit for preparing McCrory

Gary Pearce, the veteran Democratic strategist, writes in his blog, Talking about Politics, that Art Pope should get credit for helping Gov.-elect Pat McCrory get prepared to take office.
"Behind the controversy over Governor-elect McCrory’s foundation-fundraiser on Inaugural Day, there’s a story about “shadow governments.”
Since Democrats have time on their hands, they should take note of how these governments-in-waiting can develop ideas, leaders and public support.
Exhibit A is the John Locke Foundation. You may not like it, but give Art Pope & Co. credit: They gave McCrory a head start on his administration.
Governors Martin and Holshouser, by contrast, came in cold, with a short bench and little institutional knowledge.
The Locke Foundation has been preparing for this for 20 years. And one of its products, Thomas Stith, will be the Governor’s chief of staff.
Now, as an N&O editorial noted, there is the new Foundation for North Carolina – a “tax-exempt group that can accept unlimited donations and doesn’t have to publicly disclose its donors.”
Founder Jack Hawke said the group’s work will “correspond with the issues he (McCrory) laid out in the campaign. As a general rule, it will be helping to put meat on the bones around these issues and help sell them to the public.”


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A headstart?

Is that what they call soliciting giant checks from special interests these days? It's the biggest yard sale of policy in NC history.  

Art Pope gets the credit but who gets the blame?

Who gets the blame for failing to prepare Bev to be the governor?  Somebody obviously failed big time.

Yep, Art Pope deserves...

the best government his filthy money can buy.

Checks every night.....

Rob, is it true that you "sleep with a nightlight" over your paranoid obsession with Art Pope?

Do you actually have your wife check under the bed and in the attic that Eeeeevil Art is not hiding there?

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