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Monday's Numbers: the liberal count down to McCrory taking office

Chris Fitzsimon, in the liberal N.C. Policy Watch blog provides this count down to Republican Gov-elect Pat McCrory taking office.

33—number of days until Gov-elect Pat McCrory makes his inaugural address (“Interloper threatens to spoil inaugural ball,” Raleigh News & Observer, December 8, 2012)

33—number of days until inaugural parade for Gov-elect Pat McCrory (Ibid)

20—number of inaugural balls for state’s governors that have been hosted by the Junior League of Raleigh in the last 80 years to support the group’s charitable work (Ibid)

14—number of days after election that McCrory announced he would also attend an inaugural celebration to benefit The Foundation for North Carolina, a political advocacy group organized to promote McCrory’s agenda (“McCrory will party with nonprofit that backs his ideas,, December 5, 2012)


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Top ten list..................(smiley face)


Top ten things that might be found when moving out of the Governor's Mansion:
10.  A copy of the note I wrote to Walter Dalton wishing him all the success I had as guv.
9.  The unopened envelope containing the note I wrote to Walter marked, “Return to Sender.”
8.  A copy of the note I wrote to the Party Chairman telling him to step down.
7.  A music CD from the Party Chairman entitled, “Here’s a quarter, call someone who cares.”
6.  Plans for an upscale beach house at Cannonsgate.
5.  The champagne cork from when Marc told me he was making me governor.
4.  The notes from my "tough as nails" speech written on the back of a bottle of nail remover.
3.  The wig I wore to hide from Pres Obama.
2.  The wig Obama wore to hide from me.
And number one........
1.  A note from Jacky Chiles in the legal department telling me I was not authorized to suspend national elections.

Please use a smiley face next time

We need *some* sort of indication you are trying to be funny.   

Please help

I hear there is a shortage of cardboard boxes in Raleigh as the Dems are packing up.  And rental trucks are getting hard to find.  They're packing up over at the mansion but no word yet if there is to be a yard sale.  Word on the street is that they may have found the missing travel records stuffed up one of the fireplaces.  You never know what you may find when moving out of a place that you have occupied for many long years.  

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